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How Widespread Is This

03 November 2013 - 12:55 AM

have noticed over recent years, the well known breakdown buisnesses really pushing their luck.


have had many years of experience with these companies, although have often found them wrong in their diagnosis, can see why they came to their conclusions in often difficult circumstances...


but starting to see a worrying trend in customers that have called on them and being given what can only be described as totally deliberate and dishonest diagnosis which is often accompanied by them ringing up their personally favoured garages for quotes and pushing for agreement to tow the car to them.


luckily, most of my customers are loyal to me, rather wait a few days for me to carry out repairs than trust anyone else with it.


recent eg.s

An 02 renault scenic...wouldnt start...she was told it was a head gasket and after a call by the driver, was given a quote for £700 from his highly recommended garage, which she turned down

i get a phone call from her in floods of tears, she is a single mum who totally depends on her car and not in a financial situation to be able to deal with that kind of bill.

i get there, first thing i noticed was car hadnt lost any water whatsoever, within 10 mins done all the usual checks and found nothing to even suggest a HG..

turned out to be rainwater had got to plug leads...had it running perfectly in 5 mins..total bill of £25

honest mistake?  or something more sinister

04 bmw...car cut out and wouldnt restart...owner was told it was a clogged inlet manifold that needed removing and cleaning...was given a quote following a call made by the driver for an estimate of £400-£550, but owner insisted on getting car towed home

i get there following day, i knew the diagnosis was way out as clogged manifolds dont happen on petrol engines, within a minute i knew there was no fuel supply, within 10mins, i found it was a faulty pump...actual bill £130

honest mistake???? 


i could list another dozen eg's from last 12mths, some are dubious, some are just downright con.

these are the companies that champion themselves as the voice/defender of the motorist, if they cant be trusted then who can you?


is this a local problem or a worrying trend on a national scale



should add, its not the companies im knocking, but some of their drivers who are in the frontline