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22 February 2015 - 12:24 PM

I've just fitted one of these this morning in my 2012 Fiesta after giving up trying to swap the headunit to a Ford DAB one. It doesn't seem to work no matter what I try.

It took me around 90minutes to fit the unit. Still not happy with where I've left the connects2 unit.

When changing the screen wiring, I found pulling the existing cable out of the clips and to in front of the screen helped. Then ran the new loom from the front of the screen around the clips to the back. Where the new loom connects to the old loom just sits down in front of the screen.

There's no room behind or around the stereo for the connects2 unit, so I ran the cables down the left of the stereo to behind the glove box.

I've just got the connects2 box wedged between the glove box and the heater block. There doesn't seem to be any space big enough to attach it securely in place. I live in a variable DAB signal area but it seemed to match the signal quality of the Pure Highway I was using. I'll have a drive out later and see how it I live in a town under a large hill, once I'm out of town DAB signal is much stronger.

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14 February 2015 - 05:13 PM

Latest update

It would appear that My unit labelled AA6T-18C815-XB RADIO AHU DAB may not be a DAB stereo :-/


I bought another unit off ebay Which came out of a 2013 fiesta AM5T-18C815-XN RADIO AHU DAB. Colour screen type.

I fitted this and imediately got DAB working perfectly off the standard aerial. The problem now is with this unit..

It doesn't link with the ignition switch to turn on and off

I can't set the time

It doesn't recognise any AUX inputs, pressing the button does nothing

The backlight remains on when the unit is switched off

The voice control button does nothing.

Bluetooth doesn't work.


I think I can assume that this unit isn't compatible in my 2012 fiesta. There appears to be loads of different version around that are all slightly different. It's so annoying.


If anybody wants to buy this colour screen DAB unit for £200 + postage (What I paid) then message me asap. I'll be putting it back on ebay soon.

In Topic: Dab Radio

08 February 2015 - 03:34 PM

Its weird that you aint,been reading the post about it.

Excuse me?

I've read every post in here and commented many times. Still no answers.

In Topic: Dab Radio

08 February 2015 - 02:55 PM

My DAB is spot on,signal is great and its nice and clear.

''Richard,didn't you have the DAB in yours then as you said above or sync.


I'm sure mine would be nice and clear if I could get a DAB option.

In Topic: Dab Radio

08 February 2015 - 02:33 PM

Did anyone get any further with this issue. Today i purchased a new DAB system with the colour screen over the dot matrix style one. Once we fitted it it instantly turned on and worked on DAB however after pressing the radio button to go backto analogue it now wont go to dab or even find it as an option. I only have the original ariel connected but the dab still worked so i cant see this being the issue. I just wondered if anyone could shed any light on this.


I haven't managed it. Have you? I definitely think there is more to it for certain models of stereo.