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In Topic: Ford As Built Data

Today, 11:03 AM

Hi, I have used the  'as Built data' www site http://www.motorcraf...call&nomenu=yes in the past for my Focus but I am looking at getting some info on a car that my wife is looking at buying but I can't access it any more. Is there another way into this data base. I only have the car reg not it's VIN.



In Topic: Parasitic Drain?

Yesterday, 02:30 PM

Hi thanks for this info.

I have done a bit of looking at this.The problem measuring the current is that some of the systems remain active for while then go to sleep, but not all. So to avoid waking them up I came across this site http://randysrepairs...tery-drain.html which explains it under 'Computer controlled cars'  I've not tried this yet but I will give it a go soon and let you know what I get initially and after say half an hour. It might be of use in the future.

In Topic: Parasitic Drain?

30 September 2014 - 03:33 PM

Hi, Just came across this topic.I have had a similar problem. 59 plate 1.6 Focus Zetec. Came to start car at work the other day all I got was clicking and instrument and indicator lights flashing in synch. Got a bump start and drove home usually 12 miles of fast roads but did a few extra to boost charge.  Spare battery put on charge just in case. I tried to start the car about 2 hours later. All was well so ran it for a while to replace charge. Next morning same result just clicking and flashing. Quick battery change and off to work. This has been fine ever since. Old battery taken to work as we have a dept that can test them under load. My 43amp hr was only lasting 25min under load not 50 - 60 min as it should so scrapped it. While I was in the battery dept the chap mentioned a parasitic load test just to check the car. He thought the drain should not be more than 150 milli amp. I am getting around 300 milli amp.

I am getting 14.3 VDC from the alternator when its running and the battery is holding 12.3 VDC static so the charging circuit is fine.


Does any one know what the drain should be with the ignition off, interior lights off etc so that only the radio/clock/memory circuits etc are live. Hopefully the new battery will sort my problem but am curious none the less about the parasitic drain.

In Topic: Mk2.5 Retrofit Bluetooth / Usb /voice

27 June 2014 - 08:54 PM

These Novero kits are getting hard to come by. Apparently they have stopped making them. The price is going up. Just bought one for £259. Yet to fit it.maybe next week.

In Topic: Factory Daytime Running Lights - Focus Mk2 Mk2.5, C-Max

19 June 2014 - 07:21 PM

Hi I thought this might an interesting simple mod. Had a look at my GEM (CF type post face lift 2A) no contacts for fuses 110 113 & 135 nor relay R15. So a none starter for me.