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Mk4 Mondeo Headlight Warning Message

17 March 2013 - 09:33 AM



First of all thank you for taking the time to read my first post.


I've been a (very) proud owner of an 08 2.0 TDCi Titanium X for about 6 weeks now and love the car assuming I can wrestle it off the wife! :D


A couple of niggles since we purchased it, but the majority of these have been resolved by our local independent garage as part of a full service.


The one remaining issue concerns the front headlights and specifically the presentation of an error message on the dash.




- Car starts normally and if headlight switch is in 'on' or 'auto' mode setting, the headlights run through some form of levelling set-up procedure.


- Set-up completes in about 5 sec and headlights stay on with no error or warning messages displayed.


- After 2-3 mins of driving a 'bing-bong' audible alert will sound, a 'Front- Headlight Malfunction'  message on Converse+ and the on screen car graphic will get a yellow spot showing on front bumper.


- After a further 3-5 mins driving the headlights look as though they go back through the levelling set-up procedure.




- The fault only appears when using full beam/main beam - running on just sidelights is fine.

- The lights themselves remain on and seem to function correctly including the additional 'cornering lights' (which seemed opposite to threads on other forums I searched)

- The timing of the alert and message appears to be linked to either a sharp incline or sharp bends, such as a roundabout.

- Turning the car off and on again clears the error message as above.


Apologies for the long winded post I just wanted to make sure I had everything down in case it shows a pattern etc.


The lights themselves run fine (except for my little boy who calls them "Circus Lights") and in terms of driving at night the mechanics of it all seems fine, so this points to some form of sensor fault I guess?


My question is having a budget of £350 left to spend this year on it (after paying 12mth Tax, MOT and full Service all in last 4 weeks) I want to try and get the issue nailed down to make sure I spend that in the right place.


So I guess I'm looking for anyone that has had any previous examples of this issue, or could give me a couple of DIY pointers of things to check before I make the trek to my local Ford for their investigation.


E.g. could it be the wrong type of bulbs? Mine seem to be Halogen whereas most of the facelift models I've seen seem to have Xenons etc.


Thanks you for your time.