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In Topic: Help! Ms Office Product Key

25 August 2014 - 05:38 PM

When I changed to an SSD in my MacBook I backed up all my applications to a time machine back up and then restored my applications and settings from this backup onto the new SSD. Probably doesn't help you unless you can back up the old HD and do it that way?


I backed up my entire system to an external HDD using time machine but it makes no difference with MS Office 2011 apparently. It just knows you have done an upgrade of some kind and demands the product ID.



You have to be able to access the hard drive you migrated from.

Make sure all Office programs are closed.

On the new hard drive/computer you migrated to, delete the following file:


Go to the HD you had a working copy on, and copy that same file from the same location to the new HD.

It should have an older date from when you installed it and activated it.


Did that having read it online and it failed miserably. From what I read, I am basically stuffed. My last chance is to ring MS and quote the ID's from Word etc. Failing that, a new MS Office for Mac is due out in the autumn apparently.

In Topic: Am I Stuffed?

20 August 2014 - 09:23 PM

I've noticed this post too late by the looks of it but from my very particular set of skills acquired over the last few years of studying law, yes the obvious thing to think of its Distance Selling Regulations but also remember S.4 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977:


Unreasonable indemnity clauses.

(1) A person dealing as consumer cannot by reference to any contract term be made to indemnify another person (whether a party to the contract or not) in respect of liability that may be incurred by the other for negligence or breach of contract, except in so far as the contract term satisfies the requirement of reasonableness.


(2) This section applies whether the liability in question—

(a) is directly that of the person to be indemnified or is incurred by him vicariously,

B: is to the person dealing as consumer or to someone else.


The “reasonableness” test.

(1) In determining for the purposes of this Part of this Act whether it was fair and reasonable to incorporate a term in a contract, regard shall be had only to the circumstances which were, or ought reasonably to have been, known to or in the contemplation of the parties to the contract at the time the contract was made.


(4) The onus of proving that it was fair and reasonable to incorporate a term in a contract or that it is fair and reasonable to allow reliance on a provision of a notice shall lie on the party so contending.


In a nutshell, you would tell them their contract term is an unfair one and if they wanted to challenge it, they would need to pursue you and prove to the court that it was fair and that they can rely on it. The reality is it would cost them a lot more to pursue you so they would not see it through.

In Topic: Dash Cam Dangerous Driving Clips, Should You Be Able To Up Load Evidence To T...

20 August 2014 - 09:06 PM

This guy was 'approached' by police after he effectively stitched himself up by uploading his own dodgy driving and crash to YouTube.



In Topic: Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

16 August 2014 - 02:51 PM

Surely my ST or even a mighty Focus RS cannot hold a candle to the sheer power and handling of this LS Astra :P :lol:


What a pile of sh*t!


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In Topic: Ssd Fitting To Macbook Pro

15 August 2014 - 05:45 PM

I think my HDD must have been on it's way out to take so long to boot up. Although it was never this fast even in it's younger days.

Just as a test today to see the difference (sad I know) I decided to see how much I could get done in under 2 minutes. The old HDD took 1 minute 40 seconds to get to log on screen. Easily another 20 seconds from password entry until it had settled down so I could use Firefox etc. without it spitting feathers lol


So I fired it up, put password in, used Firefox to visit sky news briefly, opened mail to find one junk email which I deleted quickly, opened iTunes and played 5 seconds of 1 song, closed all programs and shut the computer down. All in 1 minute and 50 seconds!