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Complete And Utter Maniac!!

Today, 07:01 PM

Driving home from golf this evening along the A38, I spotted a Ford KA (old one and rather battered), joining from the slip road very quickly.


He tailgated the Audi A4 in front of me (my how the tables have turned) and undertook him with ease!! This was clearly a modified car because I was doing 71 lol and the Audi must have been doing about the same. The KA got back into the overtaking lane and tailgated a huge artic lorry FFS! He was so close that the lorry driver would not have seen him.


Later, the KA had pulled back in and dropped speed but I was a bit wary when overtaking. No problem though... at first!


I had driven on quite some way when he appeared and was about 4" off my bumper flashing his lights for me to move over. Once the sloth like transit van in front had moved over (approx 55 mph). I very steadily overtook the van in 5th gear and waited for the inevitable.


The KA dived into the inside lane to charge past me, so I could not resist flooring it in 5th. The result was a bit like when the Starship Enterprise enters warp speed and disappears from the screen lol. The KA became a speck in my mirror at 71mph naturally.


I backed off and exited the A38 down the slip road and into a very sharp left turn. The ST with ESP off loves this turn. The KA had appeared again and was right on my bumper at the turn. I flung the ST into the turn as I always do and could feel the car gripping and the seat bolsters holding me in.


The KA took the corner at the same speed with awful results. He was splatted to the drivers door window and the car went onto the wrong side of the road and nearly up the grass bank as well as facing the opposite verge. Yes this was amusing to see but just think if something had been coming. I cannot believe he wanted to take the corner at that speed in a car which is not made for it.


I was now in a 30 zone with housing and people walking the streets with one car in front of me when he appeared again. He tried to overtake about 50 yards from a mini roundabout!!! In a built up area!!


He then went a different direction thank god. It's all very well me having a bit of fun without being dangerous myself but rest assured that if I see that guy on the roads again, I would rather pull over and walk. UNBELIEVEABLE

Corsa Vxr

28 July 2014 - 10:35 PM

Yes we know Corsa's are awful and the ST has better seats and better everything else etc etc. But the other day at an undisclosed location on a conveniently located and deserted runway/airfield. I had a chance to take on a VXR in a drag race.


It was blue and de-badged. It wasn't the nurburgring edition but sounded like he had modded it with an induction kit.


Anyway, off the line he was with me all the way but once 4th gear arrived at some mph (I wasn't paying attention to the speedo), the ST pulled away from him. He was always there but could not close the gap.


Superior torque of the ST me thinks.

Bargain Winter Tyres For Zetec-S Owners

09 June 2014 - 06:47 PM

Wrong time of year I know but best time to buy while the price and demand is low. You will not find a better deal than this bargain I am offering: http://www.fordowner...es/#entry373010

Might fit other models of Fiesta too. Any questions just PM me.

Suitable 16" Wheels For St

01 June 2014 - 01:43 PM

I had a set of winter tyres on my ZS with it's 16" alloys and I retained the tyres which of course won't fit the ST. Long way off yet but when winter arrives (assuming we get a winter this year) can I just get any 16" steel or alloys off ebay or will only specific types fit the ST?


I just need a cheap set for the winter months but I don't want to order a set then find out that they don't fit.


Any thoughts on this and rough guess as to prices?