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The St Has Been Given A Challenge!

17 April 2014 - 09:15 PM

Been discussing the ST with my uncle who likes it and says we should find a track where we can race our cars. He admits the ST would maul his car in the corners but his car would maul the ST on the straights. So we need to find a suitable place in due course but just how far behind would the ST be in a drag race?

Details and comparison of figures:

Audi A4 Saloon
3.0 TDi TDV Quattro SE Auto

1.6 petrol turbo vs 3.0 diesel turbo
180bhp/200bhp vs 229bhp
215lb ft vs 332lb ft
1,163kg vs 1,665kg
0-60: 6.9 vs 7.1
Top speed: 139mph vs 151mph

So on paper it's a crushing victory for the Audi. However, I don't think we will find a track long enough to exploit top speeds.

An observation I want to add for you to consider is that having owned a diesel auto, unless you opt to change gear yourself (my uncle just uses full auto as a rule) they hold onto a gear for too long when going for it and diesels are flat at high revs.

Also, the Audi is half a tonne heavier! Will weight play a key role in a drag race? I must say that having been in his A4, it feels damn fast!

So please fire away with your thoughts.

St: Sunday-Tastic!!

13 April 2014 - 05:04 PM

A glorious day was in full swing so I took the ST for a proper drive on the country roads towards Matlock. WOW!! Fling this baby into a bend and the grip and precision is superb! The body control magnificent. But what about performance?

Well, I encountered a Sunday driver in an S-Class Merc and as soon as the road opened up, I let fly with 3rd gear! The turbo came in and the blue touch paper was well and truly lit. It absolutely catapulted forwards in such a way that made me suddenly remember the old ST as a shopping car for the elderly!

The compact size of the Fiesta adds to the sensation. Yes there are some big bruiser cars that would power away from the ST on a straight but on those roads the ST is in its element. I flicked it through a chicane near South Wingfield and powered away whilst catching a glimpse of a Jag S-Type wallowing about behind me.

Finally, on the big hill up to my house, I came up behind a slow moving Clio 172 with after market twin tailpipes. Upon seeing me now close behind, he floored it and this was his moment to show the ultimate power of his modded Clio. Nobody could hope to compete with his car and we were still well within the speed limit so here he goes....

Oh wait, he's still there. Speed has certainly increased and I'm deploying about 80% of 4th gear potential but he wasn't pulling away. I braked sharply to drop my speed down to 30 as we arrived in the built up area and 30 zone but he didn't bother and charged off into the 30 zone doing 70+ presumably. I can only conclude his humble pie was on the table going cold.

All in all, the Fiesta ST is a masterpiece that will sit proudly in the upper echelons of the hot hatch hall of fame.

P.S, when I filled up (£60) early last week, it claimed 288 miles until empty. I've now done 115 miles since then and it now claims 220 until empty. So a theoretical total of 335 after some seriously spirited driving and low 30's mpg. I used to get 350-360 miles approx from a full tank in the ZS driven mostly with a lead foot. Remarkable.

Comparison Of Old St And New St

06 April 2014 - 11:10 PM

I didn't want to call the topic "vs" because that would imply a contest. It isn't, it's just a comparison.


I used to own a Mk6.5 Fiesta ST (2008-2009) and although I have only had the new ST since Wednesday, I thought I would go compare so to speak. Memory may well have faded on certain aspects but I thought it was worth doing and doubtless there are others on here who can compare better.


Economy (boring bit first lol)


The old ST when worked hard would struggle to see 30mpg. I dare say the same applies to the new ST but I haven't had it long enough to comment. Take it steady and the new one will obviously be better on fuel due to the smaller engine and turbo.




I had the full leather seats in my old ST and they were comfortable and supportive. The seats in the new ST are better still in my opinion but I will say that from memory, the old ST was better at low speeds. The new ST is very hard but then again, neither were purchased for comfort to be fair. At speed on the motorway, the lack of a 6th gear on the old ST was tiring so the new ST's 6th gear helps. Again, neither designed for motorway cruising.




The old ST was nice and simple and mine had a good Sony audio unit. The new ST is more upmarket and advanced obviously but perhaps less is more and I did like the simplicity of the old ST. That's not to say I prefer the interior of the old ST, just that I appreciated the simplicity.




I loved the look of the old ST. Mine was in performance blue and with everything colour coded, it looked excellent. The new ST looks better still in my opinion and I just love the new alloys.




When it comes to grip and bodyroll, the new ST is unlike any other hatchback I have owned or driven and that includes a Golf GTI and an Audi A3 S-Line. It is spectacular! The precision from the steering is also epic but when it comes to feel, the old ST might just have the edge. Again, this is reliant upon memory, but that was before the days of electric power steering so the old ST was hydraulic unless I'm mistaken and I can always remember the feel being amazing. Please forgive any memory lapses if that's wrong though lol!


Performance (the best bit)


The old ST was a 2.0 NA engine with 150bhp and about 140lb ft of torque. 0-60 was quoted as 7.9 seconds. This was a cracking engine but it really needed working hard to get the best out of it. I was a bit more foolish then and I remember overtaking a Peugeot 106 GTI going up a hill. The 106 (which was somewhat modded) had 4 youths in so was weighed down a bit. From the start, the lighter 106 was a match for the ST easily but the ST needed winding up into the high revs to get going and exploit the bigger displacement. I cruised past the 106 doing about 60-70 in the end. 


The new ST is of course a 1.6 turbo with 180bhp (200bhp on overboost) and 215lb ft of torque. 0-60 in 6.9 seconds. This is a different driving experience altogether and the turbo does the work so you don't have to rev it's head off to make rapid progress. If you do exploit the full power and rev it as well, then progress is simply superb. Pulling away from a tailgating BMW with ease last week demonstrates the performance.


A good comparison is the short slip road to the A38 I join every morning going to work. If it was very busy on there and I needed rapid progress in the old ST, I would need to drop to 2nd because you join the slip road via a very sharp corner with turn in speed of 30 or less. Then I would floor it big time. In the new ST, 3rd gear provides mega power with the low down torque in the same situation.


If traffic was average, 3rd gear would suit the old ST (4th would labour and you could walk faster). In the new ST, 4th picks up nicely indeed after a bit of turbo lag initially. So, two very different engines and two very different approaches to driving them.




One word: Progress!


Final word and photo's


Hope that is a reasonable enough comparison guys and please throw in your own views. I can't comment on value for money too much as I bought the old ST used and the new ST brand new. I also have some photo's of my old ST for you to look at:















Ford Capri Jps

05 April 2014 - 04:42 PM

My dad used to own a Capri JPS 3.0 V6 many years ago. Bit of a legendary Ford apparently but before my time. He was saying that it would challenge my new Fez ST-2 but then I took him for a spin in the Fez and he changed his mind lol.

Doesn't take anything away from the JPS though: http://www.retrocari...ers_Special_122

Anyone else familiar with the JPS?

The Eagle Has Landed

02 April 2014 - 04:34 PM

Quick update guys. Picked it up an hour ago and happy as Larry. Just at Uni now for a talk by a court of appeal judge.

Tried giving it some beans down some country roads but only a bit. I drove mostly steady and a mixture of town driving and country roads. Got 40mpg which ain't bad for a speed machine lol.

Acceleration is smooth and prompt under normal power and simply superb on full throttle.

Pics to follow later tonight