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Newbie :) - I Have A Little Problem With Wind!

10 March 2013 - 03:05 PM

Hey peeps - newbie here, sorry but I couldn't resist the subject title of my issue lol.


Here goes, i've C&P'ed it from a post on the ffoc that I have just joined...


Basically, in brief - i can hear wind from the passanger side, sounds like its either getting into the car or its getting into the A pillar or something, here's my snippet from the FFOC that I posted. 


have one little niggle with my MKII Focus...
When I bought it - drove it back from Manchester to Bradford - car was fine, took it back to Manchester last week for the M.O.T (the garage i bought it from offered to pay for it as they didnt realise it was due)... well it's had two new bottom arms (becuase bushes where shot) and a new tire and headlamp bulb. On my drive home, i could hear a wooshing - from the wind, sounds like its getting into the car near the Passenger A pillar, it didn't do this before - i've checked where the garage has done the work underneath - nothing is missing, arch liner is all intact etc - it's really bugging me, i could hear it this morning when driving to work - i was only doing 40mph and i could hear the wind from the passenger side, windows are tight, oh before i forget - it did have a new wing mirror fitted that i forgot to mention above...

Anyone got any ideas? - really really bugging me, can even hear it with the radio on.

Anyhows, nice to meet everyone and I hope to be here for sometime.

Take care             



Newbie :)

10 March 2013 - 02:58 PM

Good afternoon Ladies & Gents.


Thought I would sign up seen as I've just bought a 2006 Focus 1.6 lx (100).


So then - Hellooo everyone :).


Hope everyone is well and cant wait to meet some nice people, just signed upto the ford focus owners club too :)

Im from West Yorkshire :) and will eventually be starting a Zetec S or ST bodywork conversion (not engine) just the body for the looks.


Fingers crossed.


Take care peoples