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13 March 2013 - 10:47 AM

Just been quoted ~£800 for the following:


4 x new discs, pads.

2 x rear brake lines and flushing.

2 x new rear calipers (Existing ones have seized.)


Does this sound like a reasonable price? 

Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

10 March 2013 - 10:12 PM

Ladies and Gentleman,


I recently purchased a Mondeo MK3 (Lola). She has 03 reg plates but my insurance and DVLA papers show it to be a 2002 model. Before taking possession of the car I went out and bought a Haynes Manual covering Oct 2000 to Jul 2003 Mondeo. 


Now I have since come to the understanding that Ford may have incrementally changed certain features of the engine (Turbo, EGR system etc) and as such, I believe that I have purchased the wrong book for my engine! I found this out today when about to fit an EGR blacking plate, she suffers form a lack of power around 1800-2200 RPM and belches a noticeable amount of smoke at this point. Upon popping the bonnet and removing the cover I discovered that my EGR valve is up the front of the engine.


 I originally assumed I had a 2.0 TDCI 115 engine but am now unsure! Here is a picture of the engine bay. Can anyone identify which engine I have? 




Edit: Please ignore the filthy state of the engine bay. I haven't yet had a chance to clean it up properly!!

Newbie From Down Under

10 March 2013 - 09:49 PM

Gday all,


As the topic suggests, I am a FOC newbie originally hailing from down under. I have been lurking on the forums for the past few months and it has been an invaluable source of information when deciding on which car (Ford) to purchase.


Have previously owned the following:


85' Ford Falcon XF Sedan LPG/Unleaded

91 Ford Falcon EB Sedan Unleaded

07' Ford Falcon BF Wagon (Estate) Straight factory LPG


& currently own a Mondeo MK3 Estate TDCI


I guess my main interest in cars is as a functional vehicle and I enjoy working/maintaining my own vehicle!


Not sure what else to post in here other than I have given the Forum rules a once over and all looks hunky dory.