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Focus Mk2.5 Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim

30 July 2013 - 08:01 PM

Hi all,

As described in the title the "Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim" on my 59 Plate Focus has come off.

Its the plastic trim towards the front / bottom of the driver seat (its a long plastic trim that sits behind the height adjustment lever). The front end of it has come off i.e part of the plastic clip which holds it in has snapped off and now the trim does not sit flush.

Sorry i cannot be as informative of the issue. Does anyone know how to replace it, or whether or not i can buy a new one? (Or even what it is called!?)

Thanks in advance.

Focus Zetec 2009 - Lock Sound At 15Mph

10 March 2013 - 10:22 PM

Hi everyone,

I brought my first ford last monday. It was a focus zetec 2009 facelift model.

I love the car, its well built and perfect. However, just one thing, whenever
I hit 15mph i hear a locking sound, its very faint. I have searched
All over the net and tried the motion lock / unlock setting but, i have had
No joy at all. At times my door lock would not even let me lock / unlock 3
Times in a row.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Do the mk 2.5 facelift models
Have a different way of deactiviating this feature. I tried
To unlock the door from outside when the lock sound happened
When my wife was driving but it still opens from the outside.

I brought the car from evans halshaw last monday. I have it
Booked in on wednesday to get the tracking aligned as the
Car pulls to the right when the steering is held straight

Any help regarding this locking sound would help, its driving me nuts.

I dont mind the motion lock feature (if thats what it is)
But as i am not able to activiate / deactivate this feature
I am kind of in the dark!

Many thanks in advance for any help!