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Quick - Steel Spare Wheel

19 March 2011 - 07:19 PM

I have a quick question!

Got a puncture today :angry: and had to use the spare wheel to get me home, but the car book says not to use the alloy wheel nut bolty things :lol: with a steel wheel, but that's all I have! Ford never supplied any wheel nuts to accompany the steel spare, should they have?? if not where can I get a set for future use?

I'm also gonna need a replacement alloy for a Fiesta Titanium 15 spoke, but my local ford dealer are wanting 160 for 1, but I've saw online places what do them cheaper, so I'm wondering if anybody has any recommendations of any online ford genuine part places.

Many thanks

Buckled Alloy.. And Two New Tyres

12 February 2011 - 05:39 PM

Took the car in today to get a steering wobble looked at, outcome, needs two new tyres, has a buckled alloy, and needs re-balancing etc. Front tyres I suspected needed replacing anyway, but a couple people have said to me, how many miles has your car done, 12K? it's tyres should have lasted longer?? Should they have? It has Continental Contact Sport on it, so I don't know if these are just crappy wearing, or what.

The buckled alloy, they've said isn't too bad, and can be left on the back?! I'm not really for doing this tbh, so I'm looking at having it replacing. But I have slight concerns, as having read other posts on the forum about people with alloy buckles, whether this is infact a Ford fault? I'm not looking to immediately point the finger at Ford, so I just want to know where I stand basically, you people who've had buckles with your Titanium 16" 15 spokes, what did you do, contact Ford? or just bite the bullet and replace yourselves? or submit claims to the local council? though, tbh, that's probably like trying to get blood out a stone.

Thanks for any help offered!