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Ka Electrical Problems?

11 March 2013 - 08:38 PM



Bought a 51 plate 1.3 KA on Saturday. It is not the best example but will clean up nice.


I think that it has been stood for some time (up to a year or so).


Drove lovely all day Saturday - found that the stereo does not work - no light, nothing. Also interior light does not come on when doors opened - but will come on if you push it upwards.


Sunday morning it was dead and so jump started it.


Same this morning (Monday).


Now, in addition to the stereo and interior light issues, drove it home from work today with the headlights on - constant high pitch noise (the noise that you get when you stop and leave the lights on).


The noise is constant whilst driving - only stops when the headlights are switched off.


Anyone any idea what is going on? The garage I bought from have not yet looked at it but have offered to put new battery on.


I don't know the first thing about cars - all I need to know is some idea what is causing the problems and is likely to be expensive to fix?


Am I likely to keep finding what seem to be electrical problems with the car - I paid £550 for it and it is a 1.3 petrol and has 120K on the clock - it does not have electric windows.