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Please Help! Ford Fusion 2003

12 March 2013 - 09:42 AM

Good morning and thanks for looking,

I've had problems with starting the car the past couple weeks, It has just been turning over but not firing and getting dramatically worse,

I've taken it to my mate who's a mechanic and he said it could do with a good service and also the actuator on the turbo (manual one) wasn't moving. On Sunday we changed the fuel filter, air filter and pollen filter, we sprayed a bit of break cleaner in the turbo and the actuator started moving again but not fully, it started fine Sunday and Monday but then this morning it was turning over for another 20 mins and then finally went,

When I first try start it, it starts then dies within seconds then just turns over, we are going to strip the turbo and give it a good clean and change the glow plugs, also had it plugged in and no faults was on there,

Anyone have any ideas? Would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much