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In Topic: My Fez Named Melissa :)

Yesterday, 07:14 AM

Blue calipers suit it much better, plus thanks for the advice on the lights, done them all now, very pleased, cheers.

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In Topic: 2 Fiesta Mk7's Squeaking Noise That Shudders/stunts?

Yesterday, 07:12 AM

Well mine went in today, typically the fault didn't happen driving in this morning. Came back with no fault found.... so I'm totally baffd... It started last weds, continued and got worse by the Friday didn't drive it on the weekend.

Typical, didn't happen on mine yesterday but no doubt will hear it today, might take it in soon.

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In Topic: 2 Fiesta Mk7's Squeaking Noise That Shudders/stunts?

Yesterday, 07:11 AM

Could be a pulley. If on boost you sure it isn't just the turbo squealing away? Mine makes all sorts of noises.

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don't have a turbo in either of mine!

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In Topic: Reverse Clunk

Yesterday, 07:09 AM

I found that putting it into first before you reverse helped a lot, think this is something to do with the first and reverse in the fiesta, basically being the same gear.

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In Topic: My 1.25 Mk7 Zetec Progress Thread

21 July 2014 - 04:37 PM

So... didn't get to do what I wanted really, but a few things have happened since I last posted here!

So I got my wind deflectors and door sills,


Then this happened...




Looks worse than what it is but still wasn't good.



All fixed!



My friend got a zetec aswell, one of my other friends already had a style +, then two of my other friends both got new shape Zetec's! All our cars are black and white... strange.


Then... Trustford came along and gave me this! Titanium is 10x better! Newer car, less miles, bigger engine & more toys! SHame it doesn't have the dress up kit though!

Got some DMB overlays, put my old wind deflectors, carpets, footwell lights and door sills in,










Decided to tango and add LED's, then decided to go all out and upgrade all my lights, didn't get before or after pics but you get the idea, I wanted a blue tinge but didn't want HID's, I went for Phillips Diamondbright, some LED sidelights and numberplate lights, Chrome indicators all round, Cree Reverse lights aswell! Might do some of the interior.. Just need to do the front fog lights and wing mirror indicators, found these two guides very useful! - http://www.fordowner...ta-bulb-change/ & http://www.fordowner...ulbs-on-mark-7/









Still waiting to buy my ST, probably another year or so, Not sure whether to get one in Frozen white or Panther Black, having owned both colours they both have their pro's and cons... Still staying with Ford for a while though! Thanks for looking!