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Protect Your Ford!

15 August 2014 - 03:28 PM

Hi All,

Just before I start I saw this somewhere else on here before but can't find it again, and before I go breaking any rules, I'm not affiliated with this company anyway, just thought it was valuable knowledge to share.

Apparently Cars like this are stolen every week, are stripped and sold for parts, pretty hard to trace once the car is dismantled and fitted/sold around.

Was browsing through youtube on my iPad and one of the suggest videos was this: http://www.youtube.c...W8qzVjK5mt1G66g

After watching it, I thought it would be useful for any ST/RS owners who want to upgrade the security on their car. Seems like a good system but at a price, can't speak from experience but it just looks to easy..

Anyway here is the full site and information: http://www.securemyc...-car-alarm.html

Regards, Max.

How Much Would This Cost To Repair?

31 July 2014 - 02:51 PM

Within 2 months of owning this, it's been involved in two accidents already.

The first, nothing major, yet still ******* annoying.




Parked down a street for about half an hour to pick something up from a shop round the corner, come back and I see a massive black mark across the passenger side of my car, found out it was rubber so most of it come off... this was what was left. No witnesses, no cameras.. typical.

I went to a bodyshop about this and he quoted me £220.. I laughed and said bye.

So then, two days ago, on my way to work, some idiot coming out of junction doesn't look left again and pulls out as i'm half way past him, then drives off... tried finding him, no luck. waiting on CCTV footage and a witness to come forward to give me the numberplate, was too annoyed at the time to even think of stuff like this. (I tried finding him for about half an hour).

Funnily enough, it was MK6 Dark blue fiesta, although I doubt he takes much care of his car as any of the forum users. Anyway the damage done..





Got a quote for this from a bodyshop next door to the one above and the front wing/bumper for £340.. much better. Will need to get the alloy looked at aswell but this is a priority.

Have any of you had anything similar and how much did it cost to get it repaired?

Hopefully the culprit can be found and I won't have to pay anyway!


2 Fiesta Mk7's Squeaking Noise That Shudders/stunts?

18 July 2014 - 03:42 PM

Hi All,

Last month I traded in my Zetec and got a newer titanium, Great you may say..

However, before I traded in my Zetec I heard a loud squeaking sound when accelerating, I told the dealer about this when I gave it back and he said it's probably nothing, its ours to deal with now anyway! Great you may say...


However today, going down the road, with my windows down (As it is boiling, although the climate control and A/C in the titanium is great) I heard the squeak again, this time I was just coasting along... So I tried accelerating and there it is again!

When the car makes this noise it's almost as if the car taps the brakes just slightly aswell, only for a second. It's quite hard to explain but you can feel the car jolt very lightly, it doesn't necessarily shudder, very strange. You know when you go over a pothole and you can feel it momentarily? Basically that. The rest of the time the car makes no unexpected noises what so ever.

Seems to only happen in third gear in my Titanium but in my Zetec it was second gear, also have to get over atleast 3000 revs, apart from the time it just randomly did it.

Any ideas? Brakes getting stuck, something grinding? It seems to comes from the drivers side front.

If not I will take it to the dealers and question it.