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Winter Diesel Additives, 1.6Tdci Blocked Fuel Filter

13 March 2013 - 04:37 PM

Ford 1.6TDCi & engine malfunction - limp home mode.


I drive a 2011 Mondeo Titanium X 1.6TDCi Estate, the Econetic version which on the whole is a very nice car to car.  But this week I have suffered the dreaded engine malfunction warning light & the car goes into limp home mode.  Stop car turn off engine, restart which resets it, but it happens again 100m up the road even if your trying to be very careful.  When thi shappens on a motorway it's virually impossible to rejoin teh carriageway as you need to accelerate hard.


As this has happened twice in 4 months the garage made some further calls to Ford who told them that the additives that supermarkets add to diesel are not the same as the additives big brands add to diesel.  So although I'm doing nothing wrong buy using supermarket diesel when you mix it with big brand diesel it causes a "gelling" in the fuel which in turn clogs the filter which reduces fuel pressure which the engine does not like, hence engine malfunction.


I've read other posts talk about having replacement injectors / new dpf's but this (i'm told) is all wrong.  Also the problem is common only to 1.6TDCi engines as these have much finer filters (apparently).  The technician said this was a "southern" phenomenon as the problem is rarely heard of north of Birmingham.  Something to do with the cr@p fule we get in London.


The additives are generally added from September to March so during this period the advice was to stick to one  type of fuel or the other but do not mix.  Has anyone else heard of this?