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In Topic: Momentary Loss Of Power Intermittently

15 March 2013 - 09:26 PM

I'm new on forum, so bear with me :) ... Ford Focus 2008, 1.6 Tdci, caravan ... car was used, but in perfect condition, only 56.000 km - like a baby. We continued to change oil every 10.000 km, and of course every 20.000 km all possible filters. Brakes also. It worked perfectly, passed just 100.000 and now stared to behave. During driving, when in higher speed, over 3000 rpm - it shouts down. Today we went on diagnostic, computer said turbo charger, fuel pressure, so mechanic, connected car to computer and remapped as it was new car. It worked until freeway and at 120 km/h in 5th gear, shouts down at 3100 rpm! Monday we go again, but I just want to hear any similar experiences? And if you ask how I’m driving – well, we were aware that is a new car, new engine, and were gentle, month by month stretching his performances, usually driving freeway (little start-stop town driving) regularly visiting our mechanic.