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In Topic: Had My Lights And Grille Surround And Splitter Wrapped :o)

20 May 2015 - 03:16 PM

That looks nice actually, kinda like the Black edition. 

In Topic: One Touch Window Not One Touch

17 April 2015 - 09:10 PM

Fantastic thanks will try that tomorrow :)

In Topic: Help With Aftermarket Headlights

12 November 2014 - 10:15 PM

I bought something similar for a previous car and after a lot of work and effort had to return them as I was never able get them aligned correctly.  Even after a garage tried as well.

In Topic: Your Fiesta

07 October 2014 - 12:03 AM

Same PIC but processed

In Topic: 8 Speakers ?

05 October 2014 - 08:26 PM

Standard woofers not sub woofers