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Steering Remote Control Issues - Buttons Not Always Responding

23 March 2013 - 10:03 AM

I've noticed since I bought my mk7 titanium last week (it's a 58 plate) that the radio remote control buttons on the left side of my steering wheel only appear to work intermittently. The lot of them.


The cruise control buttons on the right side are fortunately working as they should.


Has anyone come across this before and does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this/how to fix it? It's sadly out of warranty so I suspect a full replacement will be pretty expensive.

Oil And Filter Change - Petrol 1.4

22 March 2013 - 09:29 PM

I'm intending on having a go at changing the oil and filter on my mk7 1.4 petrol tomorrow, should the weather hold up. I've got all the gear but unfortunately haven't been able to find a suitable guide either on any of the Fiesta-related forums nor on YouTube.


Could anyone assist with the following questions...


- Is the filter reached via the underside of the car or can it be removed through the top of the engine bay?

- Any special tools required to remove/replace the canister filter?

- Is it necessary to replace the sump plug and/or washer during the procedure?

- Is there an undertray present on these, and if so what tools are necessary to remove it?



Fiesta Mk7 - Checking Next Service Interval?

17 March 2013 - 11:08 AM

I've recently bought myself a Titanium mk7, 58 plate, 1.4 manual which appears to have come with a partial service history (it was the right price so I figured I'd take a punt).


It had its first year service at roughly 12k with Ford, it's now done 35k and there's unfortunately no sign of any servicing in between.


It used to be a Motability car which suggests it would have been serviced properly, however the previous seller was absolutely disastrous in the management of their paperwork so I gave up pushing them to try and find any interim service receipts. I don't have an oil service warning light present on my dash however, which tells me it may well have been done at some point given the 25k service paperwork is missing.


I intend on immediately giving the car a full service myself and have already bought the bits to do so, and I also appreciate it's very easy to just reset the oil service indicator yourself at any point. But for curiosity's sake is it possible to check to see how many miles there are until the next service interval according to the car? I imagine it'll pop up nearer the time warning me it's coming up, but can I "force" an indication early? Thanks!