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Can Someone Advise Me On An 08 Fiesta 1.4 Tdci That Im Possibly Buying?

16 June 2013 - 08:33 PM

Hi guys,


I'm looking at buying an 08 plate fiesta 1.4 tdci from a local garage, but when I had a look at the engine bay there appears to be part of it that is quite oily. Im not really sure what it is, to me it looks like the pipe going into the turbo? The reason I noticed it was because when the car was moved I noticed a small drop on the floor from where it was parked (smaller than a 5p).

Anyway I've taken a few pics.....can anyone advise please??

Is this something quite common on most diesel engines?







Advice Wanted On Fiesta Mk 6.5 Tdci (1.4)

26 March 2013 - 09:40 PM

Hi guys,


my first post.....i'm looking at buying a mk 6.5 fiesta around 07-58 plate 1.4 TDCI to replace my rather tired MG ZR, but i could do with some advice please.


Firstly does the 1.4 engine feel underpowered at all? I've heard it uses the same engine as Toyota Yaris' and that is a plus?

Second, do they suffer from any common reliability issues that I should consider?

When I go looking at some examples is there anything I should be looking for specifically that could be future issues?


So far I've been looking at 1.4 TDCI Zetec's and the Zetec Blue editions, but I can't work out what the differences are between the 2 models....can anyone help? Do both models come with heated front screens, air con and steering wheel radio controls?


I'm sure in the near future I will have some further questions, but so far I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out?


cheers in advance.