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Induction Kit - Why Is It Affecting My Mpg

18 March 2013 - 10:07 AM

Morning all,


First post here so I'll keep it short.


Basically, I recently bought and fitted a J! automotive induction kit (Link: http://www.j1automot...-202014105.html)


I was advised that this would increase BHP slightly and make the engine sound a bit sportier (Both of which it has done) however, it has decreased the range of my fuel tank by about 50 miles!


I have been driving as careful as possible and was advised my friend (who is a car fanatic) that no air filter should reduce the MPG of the car (Other than the first time you use it when you tend to rev it more so you can hear the effects)


Has anyone else had similar issues? and is there anything I can do short of putting the old one back in?!