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In Topic: Impeller Blaed Broken On Exhaust Side

22 April 2013 - 02:58 PM

FOCA - any opinion is greatly appreciated, I havent a clue on these things.


the over-revving could be part of it - Halfords Autocentre have had the vehicle in recently due to them being the warrenty preferrd repairer when i thought the issues i was having could be warrenty issues. they replaced the DPF on it but the original fault was still there, they were out in it for 2 hours and i can honestly say it went in with half a tank of fuel (About 300 miles) and it came back with 60 miles left. he said he has been out in it for hours and couldnt make it replay the fault i had been experiencing. but did say it had been driven at high revs - it was only after this point that the turbo started making a noise - before that there hadnt been any hint of a turbo issue. so it could all tie in back to them saying the DPF needed replacing - carbon blocking, over revving etc.


never mind.......empty savings account here i come !.....


thanks everyone

In Topic: Impeller Blaed Broken On Exhaust Side

22 April 2013 - 01:18 PM

its one of those you have to prove it scenarios so you have to prove the impeller was faulty which is near impossible and if debris caused the damage then theres the question of how all you can do is call ford explain the garage has stated its a design fault and youre warranty company will not honour the repair ill cross my fingers but im not hopefull i think in the end youll have to pay the bill


how right you are......Ford wont even look at the turbo which is currently off the motor unless its attached to the car and in a ford garage. they wont guarantee financial support with this either so i dont even see the point. The Garage i have taken it too are trustworthy, i know they do good work, the national company i work for use them for our fleet vehicles and my boss entrusts his aston martin to them so i think a ford focus should be ok! they have spoken to me like a human being who isnt stupid and also taken me through the problems and how they have fixed them. i dont want to mess them around now. they are hopefully doing me a good deal anyway, they are getting a garrett approved reconditioned part with new feeder pipes just in case all in including labour at £900. this is on top of the £289 bill currently waiting payment on service and injector seal replacement.


hey ho, thats life i guess!!!

In Topic: Impeller Blaed Broken On Exhaust Side

22 April 2013 - 12:11 PM

thanks for the reply. i have been down to Ford at lunchtime and they have given me a number to call - he did describe it as 'play the game with them' so thats filled me with all sorts of confidence........