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In Topic: Moderators please read

07 April 2009 - 09:33 AM

I too got this email

It's a link to a site called ADULT FRIEND FINDER

THink this needs looking at mods!

Yeah it is cos I opened the link.... this is my first ever private message from this site and it turns out to be a spamhead advertising a !Removed! site!!!

He appears to be banned now.

In Topic: Hi

28 February 2009 - 10:15 PM

Yippeeeeeee!! :D

And hello Andrea, and no, haven't got a clue to the answer to the mpg or known faults but being a Ford, parts should be easy to source and cheap with it.

Thanks everyone. Well run this car now for 4 weeks and so far so good, needs cam belt changing soon (at 100,000 miles), presumably this will have to be done at a garage, unless me and the hubby can sort it out ourselves :rolleyes: At min we reckon the car doing around 45 to gallon round York and surrounding area, but Motorways shud be more, a bit of a nuisance if i get stuck in city traffic though! Still, its doing the job of commuting well, and a diesel, the main reason i bought it. Paid 700 for it (ebay) with a year's MOT so can't grumble - seen a few going for a lot more.

Take care all
Andrea ;)