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Mk1 1.8 Tdci V Mk2 1.8 Tdci - (Tappits)

08 May 2013 - 09:08 AM



Im curious...

I own a 55 plate 1.8tdci, and its currently in the garage having a problem looked at.


The garage gave me a mk1 03 plate 1.8tdci and the engine ( Its done 180k) is soooo quiet compared to mine.


Mine makes a rattly / tappits noise - I say tappits, as its the sound I used to get when I had a Mk3 Escort back in the day, and I had to adjust them.


I also heard another Focus Mk2 56 plate 1.8tdci the other day and it was quiet. So my question is are the 1.8tdci typically noisy or is it just a case that the tappits need adjusting? Anything i should be looking out for?





PS: The reason mine is in the garage is that they are looking for the source of a knocking / clunking sound when going into reverse then into 1st and 2nd. Letting the clutch out normally gives the sound. Release VERY slowly and you dont hear it.  I recently had Clutch, DMF and N/S Driveshaft replaced. Garage cant work it out. I think its still clutch / DMF / Gearbox related but they seem to think its in the N/S hub. Any ideas as I dont have faith anymore in teh garage.

Knocking And Vibration After Clutch And Dmf Replacement

25 April 2013 - 08:33 AM


I have just had my clutch and Dual Mass Fly Wheel (DMF) replaced on my 2005 (late 55 facelift) 1.8 TDCI

Since picking it up I get a Knocking noise when releasing clutch in any gear. Sound comes from near side of the car.

I am also getting a Vibration through clutch.

Any suggestions?

More history.

When they replaced the clutch they found they had the wrong DMF.
Refitted everything then took apart again to fit clutch and DMF.

When it came to re doing the clutch and flywheel the DMF was not fitted
correctly, resulting in the car dropping power and showing Engine System
Failure. Note: there was no knocking when changing gear.

Took car back. They refitted the DMF and the car drives fine apart from
the knocking when releasing clutch and the vibration. They said the
knocking was due to the teeth on the gearbox / clutch coming together
due to gap tolerances but I'm not sure I buy that.

I have scoured the forums which suggest possibly Gearbox mount. This is
possible I guess if they had to remove gearbox 3 times. But I'm not

Anyone had the same issue or suggest what the knocking is and the
vibration, I would appreciate it as I'm taking car back again on

Focus 2005/ 1.8 Tdci Servicing - Info / Advice Needed

18 April 2013 - 10:08 AM



Im after some advice about servicing.This is my first Focus.


Short story on history:

I purchased a 1.8 TDCI late 2005 Focus back in Feb. Advertised with FSH.

After getting the car home, I could not locate the sevice book. Seller could not locate it.

No biggie


So, I want to get it serviced.

Car is just hitting 90k miles


What items should I get done.


Obviously Oil change and filter (what type of oil?)

Air Filter ( is it a round one or a flat rectangular one?) Anyone used K&N filter or am I wasting money

Fuel Filter? Which type? I have been quoted £18-£45 depening which one

Glow Plugs (smoking when cold starting recently - now warmer weather not noticable - when should I change?


Anyone recommend an inexpensive location to have this done in Bedford or Milton Keynes ( or a national company name?)

Alternativly - are these things easy to do - Last car I tinkered with was a Mk3 Escort back in the early 90'!


The Cam belt was changed last September, and last week I had the DMF & Clutch changed.


Car has to last me a few years so I want to ensure I look after it.


All suggestions greatly welcomed.





Engine System Fault

12 April 2013 - 09:16 PM


My Focus 1.8 TDCI 55 plate have been in garage having DMF and clutch change.
During road test after doing work and before handover they said that the car was low on fuel( 44miles) and it was jumping a bit. Likely a bit of crap in the filter.

So I filled up at Shell and got 2 miles down the road and the car jerked violently forward and lost power. Speedo dropped and the battery light flashed. No engine light came on but got message "engine system fault". Then lost all power and crawled to a halt.
Managed to start car again. Reved it to see if issue cleared and same thing happened.

Then tried starting again. Nothing. To me seems a fuel issue. Garage picked car up and will run diags tomorrow. But I've only had car 2 months. Any ideas what it will likely be? No doubt another sleepless night!

Front Fog Lights Swap On 2005/6 Focus Tdci

10 April 2013 - 12:51 PM


I have a 2005/6 Focus TDCI in Silver which has the black front fog light plastic surround.

I wondered if the 2006 Galaxy fog lights as shown in pic will fit in place. I HATE black plastic trim and I would like to swap out the front fogs.


Can anyone confirm its possible and if so is there a guide or is it straight forward?


Thanks in advance




I want the above to go on the same style front below