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15 February 2009 - 03:24 PM

[quote name='philg' date='Feb 14 2009, 05:47 PM' post='12084']
Hi All

Found out that my Headlamp bulb on drivers side has gone. Bought a new set of bulbs and had problems taking the light fitting out to replace the bulb. Any one had similar troubles. Is it easy and I am just getting to old or am I missing something.

I normally just take a bulb out and put a new one in, but it does not seem that simple now.

My Focus is a W reg 2000 1.8 tdi.


Hiya m8 i had the same problem this weekend went to halfords to get a new bulb and see they got a special offer on super brilliance blue bulbs (BOGOF) anyways i wish i never botherd!! Had major problems getting the clip undone and after finally getting the bulb in and the clip on i then had to mess about getting the cover on. (all this would be fine if i had a hand the size of a 5 year old) then proceeded to do passenger side and could have cryed coz the battery sits behind it!
Took me 1hr 30mins to change 2 bulbs not impressed!