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Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 2013

21 March 2013 - 07:58 AM

I collected my brand new car on 12th March 2013 and was amazed. The car just wanted to GO and as a previous 1.6 Zetec S owner, I thought this new car was more powerful. Everything about this car is fantastic. The ride, the interior, the extras and gadgets and the admiring looks. My wife never liked the Zetec S because it was an uncomfortable car to travel in and I agreed on that one. This car excels in that department and the soundproofing is second to none together with the superb Ford radio and speakers everywhere. For anyone dithering as to whether or not to buy one I would say TAKE A TEST DRIVE THEN DECIDE. I, like most people, was a bit dubious as to this new 3 pot engine with a turbo no less but I have been transformed even at my age of nearly 62.

I thought the Zetec S was very high geared whereas this one is very low geared which suits me better.

Thirty miles an hour in 4th gear registers just 1000 revs on the tacho. Now I said earlier that everything about this car is fantastic but I must say there is one niggle albeit a minor one. If you sit at traffic lights with the gears in neutral the engine shuts down and automatically starts up again when the clutch depresses again. I am fed up with this already because, as the car and interior is so quiet you do not realise the engine has shut down so you have to think before you set off again. This niggle is not important and does not hinder my love for this car. I cannot say what the fuel consumption has been as I have only had 40 quids worth of fuel in so far and, what with this lousy weather, stopping and starting to work and back I just do not know. I hope this review helps anyone on this topic. Chris