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Mondeo Tdci 2.2 155 Titanium X - Issues

21 March 2013 - 08:14 PM



First post and here i am with an issue!


Bought a 2007 2.2 155 ti x this morning, test drove well for 30 minutes, bought it and then drove from london to swindon. On entering swindon i suddenly lost power when pulling away. At first it was speradic but as i got closer to home it became worse. When pulling away i seem to loose power, the engine then pulses a bit and i hear a tapping sound whilst quite a bit of white smoke appears. When i got home i fired it up, same result but now to the point where it stalls very easily. I got 3 months warranty with the car and spoke to the dealer who said take it to a garage and he will pay any costs to get it fixed. Are we talking injector / fuel pump / expensive job here?