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In Topic: Which Diesel Engined C-Max To Go For?

22 March 2013 - 02:17 PM

The air outlet circulation pipe on the newer 1.6TDCi has been re-designed to help relieve pressure from the turbo better,
If unsure about any ford; get the reg and type it in to ford etis for full information on build date to engine model and chassie number all for FREE!!


The 1.6TDCi engine is helped if serviced in compliance with manufacturers spec.
As a precaution you could get the turbo oil feed pipe replaced as it is this part that blocks with oil causing oil starvation in the turbo as result overheats and PoP!

Cheers for that Lenny do I have to register to be able to use reg number as it's only giving me the option of using VIN number?

As for the turbo oil feed pipe is it a relatively minor job? The CMAX i've seen appears to have full Ford history but from what i've read this doesn't always make a difference due to length between service schedules?

In Topic: Which Diesel Engined C-Max To Go For?

22 March 2013 - 10:54 AM



Wasn't sure whether to start a new thread or just restart this one given my query is of a similar nature.


I'm in the process of selling my 2005 3dr 2.0 TDCI titanium and getting a more family friendly :-( Diesel CMAX.


Financial considerations mean i've been looking at the 1.6 TDCI 110 [DPF].  However i've seen an exterior facelifted 07 which still has the old dash in it.But having asked the owner he is unaware as to which engine it has in it. NetworkQ site seems to think it's the [DPF] 08, but he says that he pays £100 tax a year so i'm pretty sure it isn't the newer version (He lives 100 miles away so I can't look at the log book even if that would hold the answer. He says it says 109bhp so it's not the 90 bhp version.). My questions are thus:


- Which engine is likely to be in it? It was registered June 2007.

- Was the Euro 4 1.6 diesel ever used in Cmax's?


There is also obviously a lot of concern about turbo failures on the 1.6 TDCI:


- Was this problem rectified on the newer 110 [DPF] 08 engines?

- Was this turbo failure a problem for the 2.0 TDCI 136 engines?


Sorry for the ramble. Hope someone with more nouse than I can shed some light on the above.