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Coolent Hose

01 March 2014 - 02:02 PM

I wondered if anyone could offer any advice. The car recently decided to drop all its water when I was in the middle of nowhere, needing me to be towed home. We thought it was the water pump, but after stripping down one side of the engine to get to it, it turned out to be a small hose on the front of the engine has split right down to the braiding. Pic below.
This was replaced at a cost of £24 for the hose. All seemed fine till last night when I parked up at a supermarket steam was escaping out of the engine and it was dripping water. Turns out this hose has failed again after 20days. It also feels dreadfully soft to the touch. What comeback will I have with ford for this, will they be saying it faulty fitting...... is this a common thing to go? The older one was as soft when it was removed. Would welcome any advice.

Ticking From Engine

14 January 2014 - 09:42 PM

My 1.8TDCI started ticking this weekend.  I first thought it was tappet noise, as car has done 138000 miles, but it was only heard at idle, and as soon as a little revs were put on, it went away. I have read about ticking injectors, and wondered if it could be this.... Sunday evening when going for some diesel, the noise just went away. (the tank was pretty empty all weekend, which is not normal for me). Anyhow, filled up with Shell diesel (normally use shell or BP), and still OK.  On way home from work last night it started again, but went away again.  Is this more likely a dirty injector, or a faulty injector.

Would running some BG244 through the system do it good.  I have seen something called Archoil Ar6400, anyone used this at all???


Thanks for any advice guys


Odd Hesitation Issues

26 August 2013 - 08:06 PM

My reliable 1.8tdci has developed a couple of annoying issues. First is occ hesitation on the throttle mainly when dropping a gear at a junction, but then you can accelerate away, and then also when setting off sometimes it feels if its about to die. I have run injector cleaner through, and used egr cleaner. Also found the map sensor vacuum tube was broken and replaced but its still there. Fuel filter was changed 18mnths ago at 94000miles and car has now done 127500ish. Could this be the issue.

Also its developed what I can only describe as a low pitched woah woah noise that increases with road speed up to around 40mph and then fades off. Its more prevalent at 30mph, and more so turning left. Theres no clicking. Is this a symptom of wheel bearing failure, and how hard is this to sort...

Horn Issues?

09 June 2013 - 08:54 PM

hi. not sure what to make of this... was on motorway this aft, and was cut up by a prat in an audi, so blasted the horn at him, but as soon as I had done it, it went from sounding normal to seeming to lose the low end 'grunt' it used to have. its like there were 2 horns with differing pitchs, and ones failed? it now sounds tinny and high pitched. still works, but sounds wrong. is it easy to get these things off, and can they be repaired, or is it a vist to the breakers yard...

Auto Windows Mod??

13 March 2013 - 05:27 PM

Not sure if anyones done this... My car has auto down drivers window, but not auto up. You have to keep your finger on the switch when winding up. Would like this both ways.. is there a mod to do this or is it as simple as replacing the switch with one that does? Knowing ford its something that needs unlocking more than likely....