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21 March 2015 - 12:40 PM



Just wondering if as well as ambient light, are the autoheadlamps on some kind of daylight timer??


Reason I ask is that sometimes in a morning, early on, even i its very light, the headlights are on, but later on in the day, even if it seems a bit darker, the lights stay off.  Wondered if they were on some kind of day/night timer kind of thing.


Example....  Driving to work yesterday, 7AM.  M55 very bright, but lights on. Later on at around 4PMish, seemed to be to be darker, but lights off.


Just wondering???

Couple Of Quick Questions...

08 March 2015 - 09:02 PM

Finally getting used to my cmax after having a focus for 8yrs. First auto box ever had as well takes some getting used to... anyhow been fiddling today, and noticed that I had 2 options under lighting. Ambient and rain. Switched on ambient as I had an idea what they do, but researched and some people say you can change the colour. Is there any way to do it. Also, what are rain lights???

also is there any way of stopping the radio switching from fm to dab and back. It gets rather irritating. Its the sony unit, not the standard ford one.

Last thing, sorry.... had the boot carpet up. Noticed I had no spare just some inflation kit. Where do you get new ones from, this is close to expiry, and also there seems to be some kind of sensor under the carpet up by the rear seats in the centre of the boot. Its connected by a black and yellow wire that leads to the passenger side of the car.

Thanks in advance....

Comfort Seats

16 February 2015 - 09:12 PM

Just had my cmax a month now, getting used to it.
Reading the user guide today(like a saddo) and thought that I would see about the comfort seats, where you can slide the rear centre seat back and rotate the other 2 inward. Tried to do this but it appears its not fitted. Cant find the pull bar on the centre seat at all, and on lifting the seat its not there. Was this feature an optional extra'?? Its a 61plate titanium, with the 2.0 power shift box.

also yet again I am meant to have a low washer warning that dosnt appear to work. Was thus optional, or like the focus fitted randomly.

Powershift Box

01 February 2015 - 09:06 AM

Hi. Just bought a 61 plate cmax, 2.0tdci titanium with the powershift box. Never really having used an auto box in the past, I wondered if there are any issues I should look out for with this. Its done 17000 miles, and was used mainly for town driving with a bit of long distance thrown in. Now its mainly motorway driving. How often does the fluid need to be changed etc. It had its 3yr srrvice done by the dealer, infact its been serviced by the dealer since new. Would welcome any thoughts.

6000Cd Code

24 January 2015 - 10:05 AM

Had to disconnect battery last night and I have come to input the radios code but its telling me incorrect code. Its the code on the ford keycard I am using, that I got with it. I have pulled the stero but the serial number starts with a v not an m, most sites appear to be able to get a code from an m serial. Is this going to be a vist to the dealer:-(
can anyone help??