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Air Vent Issues

21 June 2015 - 09:09 PM



Struggling a bit here...  The passenger side front air vent has developed a very annoying rattle, when its open. Not sure at all whats wrong with it, but thought I would remove it, to have a look, but cant seen to find any way of removing it. Also there is a tapping coming from above the overhead console, I presume its the wiring for the auto wipers etc come a little loose. Also cant see how to remove this console. Can anyone help?? 


Is there a service manual for the 2011 CMax out.  cant seem to find anything on the internet about it.


Thanks for any help

Any Ideas What This Is???

14 May 2015 - 08:11 PM



Sorry about this, but the ford cmax owners book is less than useless...


Was cleaning the car this evening, and noticed this small grill, under the steering wheel. Have no idea what its for?


Can anyone shed any light on it??

Tyre Deflation Warning.

04 May 2015 - 08:05 PM



This warning came on a few weeks ago.  Checked tyres and one was down. Pumped it up, and reset the system, and all finer for a couple of weeks, and it came on again, and same tyre down. turns out it was a nail in the tyre. It was replaced, and I reset the system, but 5 days later error came back.  Checked tyre pressures and all OK, Fronts both at 35, rear nearside 33, and the new tyre, rear offside, 36. I reset the system, and its has not come back yet (3 days ago).  Has anyone elses done this??


Also a few weeks ago, noticed the engine fan was on, when I was parking up. It went off when engine switched off, was heard to slowly spin down.  Never heard it since until today, same thing, seemed to be on after I had parked up. Both occasions engine at normal operating temperature.  Didnt do it again all day. I thought engine fans only came on when engine starting to overheat. I have never seen it past halfway, its always sat a just below halfway once engine warmed up.  Its a 2.0TDCI titanium, with the powershift auto box.


21 March 2015 - 12:40 PM



Just wondering if as well as ambient light, are the autoheadlamps on some kind of daylight timer??


Reason I ask is that sometimes in a morning, early on, even i its very light, the headlights are on, but later on in the day, even if it seems a bit darker, the lights stay off.  Wondered if they were on some kind of day/night timer kind of thing.


Example....  Driving to work yesterday, 7AM.  M55 very bright, but lights on. Later on at around 4PMish, seemed to be to be darker, but lights off.


Just wondering???

Couple Of Quick Questions...

08 March 2015 - 09:02 PM

Finally getting used to my cmax after having a focus for 8yrs. First auto box ever had as well takes some getting used to... anyhow been fiddling today, and noticed that I had 2 options under lighting. Ambient and rain. Switched on ambient as I had an idea what they do, but researched and some people say you can change the colour. Is there any way to do it. Also, what are rain lights???

also is there any way of stopping the radio switching from fm to dab and back. It gets rather irritating. Its the sony unit, not the standard ford one.

Last thing, sorry.... had the boot carpet up. Noticed I had no spare just some inflation kit. Where do you get new ones from, this is close to expiry, and also there seems to be some kind of sensor under the carpet up by the rear seats in the centre of the boot. Its connected by a black and yellow wire that leads to the passenger side of the car.

Thanks in advance....