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Claire McBear

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#246228 Newbie Greetings

Posted by Claire McBear on 24 March 2013 - 11:52 AM

Hi Peeps


I am Claire from Kent. I have loved Fords all my life, although my first car was a Rover ( yowsers) I have had Fiesta XR2i 16V

and for the last 6 years a Performance blue Fiesta ST. Have looked on these forums casually for years and thought it was time to stop being a wallflower and come and have a dance. 


Ordered the new Fiesta ST2 yesterday for May delivery. I am so excited although it means I lose my beloved Broxi (the old ST) He has only done 20k Miles but I have loved every single yard/ Meter. 


Got to let him go now but he will never be forgotten.


Do you guys have any of your old cars that you really miss? I miss them all but some definitely stay in your heart longer than others.


glad to be on the dancefloor. x