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In Topic: Fake Flashing Led Alarm

Today, 08:15 AM

But the problem is that the car dont have alarm.. I want a fake flashing led.. ;-)

The car should definitely have an alarm, try opening door with blade and leave it a min before you put keys into ignition. I really don't see the point in putting a cheap led light in the car for no reason when the alarm is their!

In Topic: Fake Flashing Led Alarm

Yesterday, 09:19 PM

I'm pretty sure when I had my 2013 focus their was a red led flashing when alarm was set

In Topic: Where Do I Get Ford Focus St Alloys

Yesterday, 09:09 PM

Got you some links , as Laurie said above be very careful I'd buying used wheels

St ones - http://www.fordparts...43345_c_388.htm

16 inch ones - http://www.fordparts...83642_c_388.htm

In Topic: Local Dealer Offering 10% Off Of Everything With Loyalty Card.

Yesterday, 03:06 PM

Haha, did you treat yourself for Christmas?

In Topic: My Tit Must've Been Designed By A Committee.

Yesterday, 08:53 AM

Not sure why you bought this car to moan about it, seriously mate just enjoy the car for the gadgets it has.

The only thing in your statement above I can kinda understand is about turning the auto stop start off!