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In Topic: Fiesta 2013 Titanium Low Profile Tyres

15 March 2015 - 09:55 PM

Can anyone explain to me what this is about width and offset?
So it looks like 195\50\16 should be OK?

In Topic: Fiesta 2013 Titanium Low Profile Tyres

14 March 2015 - 11:43 AM

Thanks Willy! I didn't think of looking at the original specifications. I suppose my other question is...


I have some sort of pack on the car, a sport pack or street pack or something - it has a little spoiler at the back and a lower front bumper than a standard titanium - I assume because the car has bigger wheels, they won't have altered any of the suspension etc?

Will it look stupid - will there be a gap between the wheel arch and the smaller wheel. I suppose its only an inch.


Also, what do you think about whether it will make enough of a difference to make the hassle worth it? That's a bit subjective I guess, but just wondered if anyone has any experience of either/both wheel size