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#248360 Fiesta Dress Up Kit

Posted by sweep on 01 April 2013 - 01:34 PM

Have already mentioned this in a separate thread - but its bugging me and so wanted to see what others thought.  The dress up kit on the 2013 Fiesta has large spoiler, side skirts, sport front and rear bumpers and according to the Ford Price List - a sport grille.  I downloaded a PDF of the new price list from Ford's website just now.


Some of the online brokers adding this on state it has a sport grille, but Fords own configurator doesn't mention it. 


As Willy pointed out the brochure doesn't mention it - but the Fiesta price list from Jan 2013 states the dress up kit includes a sport grille.  the new price list effective from 01/04/2013 still states the dress up kit includes sport grille.  Surely if they had changed the spec, which they can do, and hence it not appearing in the brochure or configurator they shouldn't still spec it in the new price list?


Has anyone had the dress up kit with anything other than the standard grille (I did read somewhere on here all it means is the surround of the front grille is black, not the grille itself?)


Any thoughts?  I have contacted Ford - is it worth questioning - I noted the Zetec S folk got their pedals sorted.