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New Fiesta Tyre Pressures

04 May 2013 - 04:52 PM

Any advice? I have had issues with tramlining on my 205/17/40 tyres on my new ecoboost. Just checked them re pressure and they were set to 45 all round. By the garage. The manual says 33 and 26. So its not just a bit different, its way out. Even for full loading its not as high as 45. Is there any reason they would have done that?

New Fiesta Ecoboost Steering

21 April 2013 - 03:11 PM

just been out for the first time today on a proper run with my car. Fiesta titanium ecoboost. Its now done 900 miles but most were short journeys. Today is the first time I have been anywhere I can get some speed up. Every time I go over a bump or pothole or where the road has been patched, so driving over the join, the steering seems to act as if the steering wheel has been turned sharply to one side and it feels not quite in control. Anybody else noticed anything? I have 17 inch wheels.

New Fiesta Radio/cd Display Looks Funny

19 April 2013 - 07:00 AM

is my radio display meant to look like this? When its off, as in when you turn the ignition off or switch it off with the engine running there are lots of little rectangles. Only when it finally switches off completely does the screen go black. Its like that thing when you press on a laptop screen and it goes funny. Not explaining this very well! All I know is it looks horrible.

Fiesta Dress Up Kit

01 April 2013 - 01:34 PM

Have already mentioned this in a separate thread - but its bugging me and so wanted to see what others thought.  The dress up kit on the 2013 Fiesta has large spoiler, side skirts, sport front and rear bumpers and according to the Ford Price List - a sport grille.  I downloaded a PDF of the new price list from Ford's website just now.


Some of the online brokers adding this on state it has a sport grille, but Fords own configurator doesn't mention it. 


As Willy pointed out the brochure doesn't mention it - but the Fiesta price list from Jan 2013 states the dress up kit includes a sport grille.  the new price list effective from 01/04/2013 still states the dress up kit includes sport grille.  Surely if they had changed the spec, which they can do, and hence it not appearing in the brochure or configurator they shouldn't still spec it in the new price list?


Has anyone had the dress up kit with anything other than the standard grille (I did read somewhere on here all it means is the surround of the front grille is black, not the grille itself?)


Any thoughts?  I have contacted Ford - is it worth questioning - I noted the Zetec S folk got their pedals sorted.



Fiesta Titanium - Wheel Size And Did I Get A Bargain?

28 March 2013 - 07:43 PM

HI all, just found this forum - its great.  First, I have bought a Fiesta Titanium 1.0 (100PS) Ecoboost - Race Red - 5 door.  Its got dress up kit, leather pack and the 17 inch wheels (didn't like the look of the standard wheels).  Should get it on Tuesday. 

I paid (or will pay £13870) with 3 years free servicing. First question - does that seem like a good deal?  Trading in my 2010 Titanium which I got book pric e for.


Second, bit apprehensive about the 17 inch wheels - 205/40 - I understand the 15 or 16 will give a better ride quality, but I didn't like them.  The dealer said I wouldn't notice much difference - but he would say that.  I test drove a Zetec Ecoboost - so would have 195/50? 55?


Am I going to regret the 17 inch wheels?