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Ford Over The Air Updates

13 July 2015 - 12:57 PM

Hi Guys


I enquired of Ford UK when we might get OTA as mentioned on their site this is their reply...


From: Keith
Sent: 13 July 2015 02:09 AM
To: Kcrc, U
Subject: 2015 Ford Focus Software Over The Air Updates

Dear Sir/Madam


As a owner of  two Ford Focus Mk3 and Mk3.5 could you please tell me when it

is Ford UK intention for us to be able to do "system over the air updates", rather
than having to go to local Ford dealerships and have it done at their sites when they

deem to do it and a charge which they seem to pick out of telephone books, that way

we can keep our software/firmware up to date when newer versions are brought out, like

our American cousins in USA..

Also I am not alone being a Member of Ford Owners Forum, many of

our members are like minded, and have suggested we put a petition in Ford UK

being badly represented as owners in U.K, this problem needs to be addressed...


Regards Keith



Dear Keith


Thank you for your email Your local Ford Dealership

are best placed to assist you with your query, for a full list of our
Dealerships in your area and the services they offer; please check the dealer
locator on the home page of www.ford.co.uk

If you need to, please contact us further


Kind regards Leeshan Martin

Ford Customer Relationship Centre




Focus Mk 3.5 Led Flasher Unit Location Reqd...

26 June 2015 - 01:40 PM

Hi Guys


I have the above and want to fit some Cree Led Single Lens Indicator bulbs front and rear, but I dont want the hassle or cutting

existing wiring harness to fit large power resistors into indicator circuit


I came across this link, http://www.autobulbs...asher-Unit.html

which advises standard flasher unit can be changed for LED type with or without buzzer warning..



Now my problems after just having bout car last week, where to I find the flasher unit, to verify type and replace

the Ford Manual that came with car is virtually useless for info, can anybody point out from experience where to look ?


Thanks in advance for any assistance given..

2012 Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 6 Speed Manual Gearbox Oil ??

27 April 2015 - 06:28 PM

Hi Guys


Have searched all over to try and find what "Type/Specs" and quantity of oil I need to top up my

6 speed manual gearbox with, as I suspect it has a leak on it, with clunky changes


There is nothing stated in owners manual that came with car

or as to the location of filler and drain plugs, any help appreciated ??



Regards huey45/Keith

2012 Ford Focus 1.6Tdci Oil Filter Change

17 April 2015 - 01:44 PM

Hi Guys


Im doing my first oil and filter change on above, as I dont want to wreck the 

engine at first startup, is there anything I can disconnect to stop injectors

working while cranking to allow oil pressure to build up ??

and location if possible where to look etc..


Once pressure is only would re connect and normal start !!


Thanks for any advice given


Focus Mk3.5 Built In Satnav Sync 2

29 March 2015 - 02:24 PM

Hi Guys


Thinking of part ex on my Mk3 to Mk3.5 which has Sync2 with Satnav, has anybody got info

if map updates will become available and how, reading under the bonnet its still running

on Wince 6.0 which is Windows based, can it be upgraded by Wince upgraded maps


Through a SD Card if fitted, and plenty of Satnav software on known sites to download if thats the case

or must it be a paid   Dealers update costing £####..


As I have tablets that run Satnav apps under Windows and Android..