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#248058 Mk1 Sierra Information

Posted by mk1 Sierra on 31 March 2013 - 07:45 AM

Hi guys, i have introduced myself in the newbie section.

Looking to purchase a Mk1 Sierra in the next 3 weeks i have found 1 down London in Wembley, its  1985 C plate,the guy is meant to be pulling it out next Tuesday steam cleaning it going over it with a fine tooth comb ready for the MOT. He said he is going to send some pictures through next Tuesday too, do not know really anything about the car as yet, just that it is is fantastic condition with just a couple of small blemishes to sort out.

What should i be looking out for rot wise when i go down, im from West Yorkshire so need to find out as much as possible before i set off, in the past iv had a few Mk2's never a Mk1 so im a bit of a novice when it comes this one.

Cheers guys.


#248056 Yorkshire Newbie's New Mk1

Posted by mk1 Sierra on 31 March 2013 - 07:27 AM

Hi guys,well after many years im back, just waiting for my mk1 Sierra to be all cleaned down and gone through with a fine tooth comb before going for an MOT down in London, looking to pick it up in around 3 weeks, going to be getting some photos next Tuesday, been told it's grey, is that a standard colour on the mk1? Always had the mk 2 in the past,im a complete novice when it comes to mk1's.