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Today, 10:22 AM

Stoney, I've stated from beginning to end that there is nothing illegal about buying, owning, or using show plates off of the public highway.
I even said from the start it was illegal for registered dealers to sell show plates.

With all due respect being a policeman doesn't mean that because you've said it it is correct, a policeman can not, & isn't expected to be an expert on all points of law, & nowhere have you offered any proof that I am not right on anything I've stated above.

I'd even put my money where my mouth is & invite you around in an official capacity to see my car on private land with a show plate on, & see who's correct.

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Today, 03:29 AM

What car have you got?

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Today, 03:12 AM

I know the answer to that to, but as you're 'inclined to believe Stoney because he's a copper' & not me (despite him concededing once to me so far),I'll leave him to 'educate' you.
But for the record, despite what Stoney says I'm still stating there is nothing at all illegal about fitting show plates to a vehicle that's not being used on the public high way.

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Today, 02:40 AM

The photos of the police cars aren'tt trying to make a case, they are actually proof that it is totally legal to buy (as you have now conceded) & to attach show plates on to your car when it is not being used on the public highway.
Indeed your last sentence backs that point up by stating the police cars weren't even street legal, so therefore they must have been photographed off of the public highway which is why the show plates could then be used legally.

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Today, 12:40 AM

Stoney, all I'm saying is it's NOT illegal to buy show plates. & nothing you've mentioned or linked to has proved other wise.
There's plenty of them around in shows & dealerships all over the country, & the only time an owner would get in trouble is using them on the road.