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White Smoke And Rough Idle On First Start

02 April 2013 - 07:40 PM


I am new to this and as a ford owner so please stay with me!!

I have recently purchased a ford S Max on a 56 plate (2.0 TDCI) and it has just started with a rough start and white smoke. I have noticed on a cold day it's harder to start, it's rough and has white smoke for a longer (2-3 mins) period than when warmer like today when it started on first turn and was rough and white smoke for circa 1 min. On all occasions, the rough idling stops first and then the white smoke and once this has happened the car runs absolutely fine with no pulling/jerking. The water levels are not moving, oil is clean and doesn't over heat. The engine does sound louder until it has warmed also.

Any ideas/pointer would be gratefully received.