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2008 Mondeo - 6000Cd - Htc One X

03 April 2013 - 04:22 PM

Hi all, new to the boards here. Hoping for a bit of assistance with the voice activated bluetooth on my August 2008 registered Mondeo. My HTC One X pairs no problem and makes/receives calls but no prompt comes through for the contacts to sync to the car so basically I only have a dial number function and no 'dial name'. Also I can't access any of the music on my phone through the voice activated function.. it seems that the car doesn't pick up any of my music or contacts from the phone. From what I can see in terms of compatability the HTC One X should import contacts to the car and has 'partial' music playback capabilities. Can anyone tell me how I might go about at least getting my phonebook to sync/import to the car.. not too fussed about the music but the phone book/contacts would be really handy as at the minute 'dial number' is pretty much useless!!