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In Topic: 2.2 vs 2.0 TDCi

18 February 2009 - 01:15 PM

There was a 'catch' on drivethedeal price - apparently even though I went through and entered what I wanted with all the options and it gave me a quote, this quote was not what I asked for but for cars in stock. Two problems with this - the stock cars are not configurable and surprise surprise none were available with what I wanted, secondly they were built a while back and so do not have all the latest features standard on same model but latest build (ed Sony DAB CD which is only on cars built after 1/9/2008). When I spoke to them they said it would be an additional 1500 for a non stock (really new) car.
I checked out dealdrivers and their price is almost identical to drive the deal with the extra 1500, but the above put me off drive the deal as I feel it is dishonest way of selling, so if I go for it I will use deal drivers.
Aiming to go for test drive this weekend at Ford dealers, will also ask them what their best offer is.

In Topic: 2.2 vs 2.0 TDCi

18 February 2009 - 12:42 PM

found this on 2.0 engine

Engine Note:
The manual 2.0 TDCI 140ps 6spd engine: co2 and mpg values below relate to this engine if built after 1/9/08. The 2.0 TDCI engine built prior 1/9/08 had co2 emissions of 164 g/km and combined cycle mpg of 44.1.

Fuel economy improved from 44.1 to 47.1, is estimated at an approx 2p per mile cost saving, or 1200 over a typical 3 year 60000 mile life of ownership.

In Topic: 2.2 vs 2.0 TDCi

18 February 2009 - 12:37 PM

Thanks for the reply.

On the mpg - where did your figures come from? or are you thinking of the 2.5 engine?

The figures I see on Ford web site are

S-Max 1.8 TDCi 125ps 45.5 MPG
S-Max 2.0 TDCi 140ps 47.1 MPG (another website had this as 44.1)
S-Max 2.0 TDCi Auto 38.7 MPG
2.2-litre TDCi 175ps 42.8mpg

so not too much in it. 42.8mpg sounds ok.