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In Topic: Would This Be An Mot Failure ?

05 August 2013 - 08:40 PM

thank you very much for that :) 
very helpful.. 
i will be getting the tints done professionally so i will make sure that they tell me which ones would be legal.. :)
thanks again!!

You're welcome.

In Topic: Would This Be An Mot Failure ?

05 August 2013 - 07:39 PM

Hi all,
This may be a stupid question but I am not to sure on the answer ,
If I was to tint / smoke my rear fog and reverse lights would this pass an MOT ?
I wouldn't go for a dark tint just a slight one...
Thanks in advance :-)

It will be assessed on its merts and will fail if...

Less than 50% of the light sources is illuminating,

Obscured so less than 50% illuminating surface is visible.

Not visible from a reasonable distance due to having productions on the lens or light source.

And to pass it must show correct colour.

This is from a downloadable MOT handbook in pdf format, so therefore...

You should be advised to double check with a garage rather than do a DIY project, there's a good chance that the garage could get it tinted for you correctly, while you yourself would mistakenly made it too darken and get it failed the MOT.

Also, if I remember rightly, I once watched one of those real-life documentary programmes where television cameras followed police, and the police stopped a car due to having darken brake lights/rear lights/or fog lights, don't recall, which part. The police told the driver that his cool look is illegal becuase instead of tinting the glass, the driver actually decided to paint the mirrors inside the housing darker. I think that the officer imply that tinting the brake light should be fine if not made too dark, but tinting or totally painting the mirrors or tinting the blub is no-no.

There is no mention of reverse lights in the MOT handbook therefore I assume reverse lights are not part of the MOT, so you could tint it as you wish, but rear fog lights are MOT item, so be careful there, remember not to make them less than half of their original brightness.

In Topic: Car Names

25 July 2013 - 03:28 PM

The Defiant.

Named after USS Defiant, NCC-74205, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

In Topic: Warning Shocking And To The Point

05 July 2013 - 11:48 PM

Basically the upshot of the situation was that the drivers lack of attention due to texting was the catalyst for the whole RTC.
Bear in mind though that any activity a driver is undertaking that takes their mind/eyes off the road can cause the same results.

I agree but there's nothing much more we can do, it is the human nature, even checking your left blind spot by looking over your left shoulder, for the cyclist you were sure is supposed to be somewhere in your blind spot, may be an important safety thing, but well then there you go, your mind is thinking about if the cyclist is still within your blind spot, your mind is not on what is ahead of you on the road, and your eyes are off the road, taking a quick look to confirm that cyclist is there or not there, so even if you have to focus 100% on what is ahead, you could still knock the cyclist down because you did not see the cyclist. No matter how hard we try, we can't be 100% free of accidents, one way or another it will happen, you got to remember Murphy's Law. Unless we all give up cars.

That's why there's a catch all charge of driving without due care.
Fiddling with a radio, satnav, lighter or even eating/drinking while driving can and indeed does result in prosecution.
I've pulled people before for doing crosswords and reading books on motorways while doing 90mph.
Some drivers crass stupidity has no bounds.

Are you that guy who found the woman doing a crossword strapped to her leg? I still remember that documentary programme on television years ago, a police officer mention during interview that he drove past a car, found a woman strap a crossword puzzle to her tights, and was working on it, I believe she was travelling from London to Manchester. Unless you meant to say that there are actually other people doing the same thing somewhere else??

In Topic: Warning Shocking And To The Point

05 July 2013 - 12:22 PM


Is it bad that instead of thinking about how bad texting was, why the guy who beeped didn't try to swerve, and why the car that then hit side on was on the wrong side of the road? >_>

Where is he going to swerve to?

Swerve to the left and he drives off the road and into trees or whatever.

Swerve to the right, and he drives into oncoming traffic, the cars behind the girl's car.

As for right after the impact of the two cars, why was there another car coming on the wrong side of the road? Well, it could be a car behind the car that is behind the girl's car, and he had started overtaking. It is possible that you can start overtaking just when accident happens.

Anyway, the girl who was texting, her actions will lead to other things happening.