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Like-For-Like Or Be Free?

05 August 2013 - 08:12 PM

I am not looking for pros vs cons of having summer tyres and winter tyres, I don't mind if I have to change wheels 8 times every year when I have to change them between summer and winter. I'm just thinking about buying four alloys and have them fitten with winter tyres, while I keep the summer tyres on the current alloys on my car. I just want to be clear on buying alloys, correct me if I'm wrong...

Do I have to buy alloys on a like-for-like bias as what I already have on my car? For example, if my alloys on my car is say 15", do I have to buy 15" alloys?

Or if my alloys on my car is 15", and I want extra alloys (to be fitten with winter tyres) can I just go for different sizes, like 14" or 16", or can I decide to opt for steel wheels instead of alloys?

Of course, my question do take into allowance the number of nuts needed, therefore I'm sure I need to match number of nuts on the new alloys/steel to same as my car, so just wondering if the whole wheel have to be match on like-for-like or can I change to different?

Pirelli Or Silverstone?

30 June 2013 - 04:57 PM

During the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, 5 cars had their tyres blew out (4 of them had their rear wheels blew while the other 1 had its front wheel blew, I believe according to reports but neverless...) all are actually on the left side. At the end of the race, during post-race interviews, one of the BBC reporters and a camera crew went out to the left-hand corner where it seems to be where the cars get the tyre cuts that leads to blow-outs, they showed that the kerb seems to have a little step.

But considering that Pirelli who supplied the tyres to all F1 team, if I remember, didn't FIA suggest new rules that tyres must be designed to last shorter time rather than longer time, in order to ensure cars come in for more pit-stops, because when to come in and change tyres is part of the game. Because of that, could Pirelli have designed a much weaker range of tyres?

I'm rather confuse. Should Silverstone having some parts of its course, like the kerb at that corner which cut the tyres leading to blowouts be at fault for having unsafe tracks,, or should it be Pirelli's fault for badly design of the tyres, weren't they supposed to make the tyre itself wear out faster but ensure the tyre walls should be strong enough, maybe lower standards than what the FIA asked for?

I'm Supposed To Be....but.....

01 May 2013 - 02:32 PM

I'm supposed to be trying to buy spare parts for my Ford Focus that have a coolant leak, managed to get replacement thermostat housing, awaiting for silicone coolant hose, looking around for a garage to fix my car, trying to set aside as much money as I can for the repairs, but...

Well, I do have 14 years old computer that will be 15 years old by this Novemeber, still running on Windows 98 (that's 98 not 98SE) and although I can do some graphic design work on it, it's taking a while to do this and that work, including saving the files. i've planned a project to custom build my own next computer, was supposed to do it last year, but got sidetracked, all I got was Windows 7. So although the car is having problems, I just found a tower in the local Maplin shop, had asked if I could open it and look inside, it's good enough for my needs.

It's a Cooler Master HAF XM.

Now that I got the tower and Operating System but no motherboard, no CPU, no RAM, not even a power supply, looks like that was as far as I got. Well the project's on hold for now so I'll now try to keep on the car and hope to get her fixed by end of this month.

Indie Garage To Fix Coolant With Parts I Ordered, In Worcestershire

01 May 2013 - 02:20 PM

Can anyone suggest a few independent garages in Worcestershire, either in or around Worcester, which would fix my Focus's coolant leak by replacing them with parts I ordered, including silicone hoses (which I still have yet to get), and charge labour, also need to have engine cleaned too, plus option for services.

Well, a courtesy car would be nice too.

I'm still looking around on Google and in local newspapers, but just wondered if any of you know of any around?


Silicone Coolant Hose Length - Can I....?

07 April 2013 - 01:54 PM

Apologise if this sort of question had already been asked before, I tried searching all around to see if there are answers already but could not find any.

I'm planning on buying parts for my car's coolant system as it is leaking, yes I've already found different variation answers about this matter, I'm just interested in asking about those silicone hoses which you could buy to replace the rubber hoses. For example: I found some blue coloured silicone hoses made by SAMCO Sports, from websites like burtonpower.com, for some prices like £150-ish for a set. I know that photos on the website tend to be for display purpose and the items may vary.

I just wonder, since the picture showed one pipe which I can match to the rubber one in the engine, seems to be a bit longer length than the one in the engine. The photo shows that starting from one end, the shape and length seems to match my parts in the car, until I reach the other end of the hose, where it should be joined to the coolant expansion tank, which seems rather bit longer.

So if I buy it, can those silicone hoses have part of its end cut in place where it should end and still be used? Am I right in assuming that it won't affect its workings and won't affect the operations?

Of course, it is most likely right parts but wrong photo, and photo is just for display purpose only, but I just want to be sure.

Many thanks.