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Ford Mondeo 2L Tdci Problem.

07 April 2013 - 09:06 AM

Ok guys,  I am going to give you has much info i can about the problem.  


Now one day i was driving car it was fine and i was doing around 90 in the outside lane,  I know naulty   But then the car just lost power and i had to turn the key on and off to start it again.  The glow plug light came on so i slow down and limp home.  I Park the car up and in the morning try to start it, And it turn around 7-8 times before it starts.   This went on for a few days until one day it ran my battery down to the point i could not start it.  But i got it started with a jump.  So change the glow plugs and fuel filter and its made no difference to the problem.  another problem i have had before this was for months i have had black smoke when i put my foot down.  now if i put my foot down to around 60mph it just stalls and goes into limp mode.


From 3 days ago the car does now not start at all.  But the strange thing is that if i jump it from another car it will start but idle !Removed! until warm and still stalls on around 60 but runs ok if you take it easy,  I have got a code of p0251.  Could this be piston rings with lost of compression or something else.


Sorry if this was all over the place


And thank you in advance.