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Fiesta Meet

01 July 2013 - 05:57 PM

I know this should be posted in the ford meet section of the forums but it doesn't seem like it gets much attention?

Anyone fancy a meet this month in kent?

Not sure where ? depends where people are living, but would be good to see a few other fiesta owners 10+ cars?

Anyone interested?

I'm in dover but don't mind a half hour commute

Lowering Mk6.5 Fiesta

19 June 2013 - 06:50 PM

I've just ordered some new springs to lower the car (35mm front , 30mm rear) and I have a rough idea of what to do from previous experience but looking on the web I can't find a single instructional guide? Does anyone have a link to one or could do a right up? Would be much appreciated

De-Badging My Fiesta?

19 June 2013 - 03:10 PM

what you guys think to de-badging? good or bad? below is a little edit i did on my phone (not good at all) to see what it would look like with out , what you think looks better? anyone got pics of their car de-badged.


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Engine Bay Advice

16 June 2013 - 07:37 PM

As the exterior of my car is starting to look the part , I was thinking of making the interior and engine bay look the part. At the moment it looks as it does in my dp. I have seen different colour hoses ect for my car but not to sure. I just want it to look more clean and tiny/shiny. Possible have a bit more red in there (I know it sounds stupid, but I think it will look better) it just looks really dull. Any one done anything under their bonnets? Any pics?

My Fiesta Mk6.5

14 June 2013 - 11:00 AM

So i've had my Fiesta for just under two months now and i love it! Just thought i'd share what modifications (nothing to big) and what i'm planning on doing, plus some pictures to get peoples feedback on what they think?


So far this is what i have done:


Fitted a K&N 57i cold air induction kit (The sound from this thing is awesome - such an head turned)

Both grills, fog light surrounds and lower bumper have been sprayed black.

All lights (Tail lights, headlights, fog lights and side blinkers) have been FlyEye tinted.

Pirelli 195/45R16 P Zero Nero tyres fitted all round (These were expensive buggers but well worth it!)

All four alloys refurbished and sprayed black (once again fairly pricey but well worth it)

Fitted climair wind deflectors.

Red interior light.

Rally headlight bulbs fitted (These are ridiculously bright!)

Brake calipers painted red and rear drums painted black.


What i would like to do:


Lower the car maybe 30mm-35mm (How will this effect handling and speed ect. anybody got any tips ?)

Changing the backbox (Im toying with this idea as my induction kit gives a nice sound i just want it to idle a bit louder, but dont want something that sounds/looks stupid for my car)

Change all the seats to ST seats (I think they look so much nicer, and someone i know round where i live has done it his looks great. Only problem is finding red ones avalible, for a decent price. Any links? )

Change all the center counsel trim to ST carbon trim (This looks mint! But pricey)

Install a short shifter. (Seen a few people do this and all have good comment. I have driven cars with this sort of set-up from stock and it feels so much nicer. Any Comments?)

Put a front strut brace (1: Better handling 2: I think it makes it look alot better under the bonnet. What do people think? Worth the investment or just wasted money?)


I have some pictures of my car on here also... What do people think? (Honest opinions please)


Any thing that people would/wouldn't do to my car? Anything extra you would suggest!?



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