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#250314 Focus Tdci Performance Mods

Posted by theo-5085 on 08 April 2013 - 07:37 PM

Hi Sal! Thanks for the info.  I'm working at the moment but will do it tomorrow around midday. Also i'll reply to any posts then as well. Unless i can get a ford owners club app on my phone, then i'll sneak off at work to check out what's going on! Yes, ebay. Or maybe you've met me and i've done some car related jobs for you in the past?

#250309 Focus Tdci Performance Mods

Posted by theo-5085 on 08 April 2013 - 07:30 PM

Definitely..how do i add images to my posts Gary? Sorry if it's a dumb question but i can't work it out :s . Yes, tis me from flea bay! Well noticed. I was told by practically everyone that it's not possible to wire up the originals, but i've managed it to a certain extent (read my previous posts if you haven't already). I've got a bit of a thing for only  using original parts etc. Yes that is my car in the avatar. I sold my st500 in January (i always told myself i wouldnt but i was offered a crazy crazy amount) since then, i've missed it but not missed the fuel costs and in the time it took me that i was choosing my next car, i picked up a tdci focus fairly cheaply and because of all the junk and spare parts i had in my garage and needing to move out, i thought instead of selling them, id try to make the best damn focus st500 replica possible! So that's what i did. I'm in the process of staring up a photo bucket account if you want to see more of it? What do you think so far? 


Also, i could probably get you most parts you need..was it something in particular you wanted? How much is member discount? 40 % ??! haha! ;)

#250229 Focus Tdci Performance Mods

Posted by theo-5085 on 08 April 2013 - 02:01 PM

Lenny, Your guide is good and extremely informative, but it is possible to fit the Standard Focus ST gauges to a non-ST Focus and even an ST Mondeo. Soon as i can get photobucket to work with my browser, i'll link in some photos of the st gauges in my tdci :P 

#250199 Focus Tdci Performance Mods

Posted by theo-5085 on 08 April 2013 - 12:35 PM

Foca..thanks for your reply. What are the chances of getting them both to run off the original gauges though? i don't want to have to put aux gauges on the apillar or anything like that..trying to keep in standard by using what's there..? I know the turbo pipes on the ST have solenoids on them..the TDCIs on't... :( have you done this (what you've suggested to me) yourself to your focus? 

#250124 Focus Tdci Performance Mods

Posted by theo-5085 on 07 April 2013 - 09:14 PM

Hi all, i'm new to this so please be nice, haha! On a more serious note..Lenny (or anyone else who thinks they might be able to help me) ... i was perusing the forum and something that you have written has caught my eye and persuaded me to sign up. On giving advice to 'FLORYFOCUS' on what mods he could do etc to his tdci zetec s i noticed you mentioned the ST pods...hmm interesting...i have only just got round to working out (with the help of a skillful friend) how to wire them into my existing loom in my focus tdci...the hard wiring is complete however, only the oil pressure gauge works... i can't figure out what is needed to get the boost/turbo needle to work or the oil temperature..i was thinking if i can't get the oil temp to work, then i'll just splice a wire from the instrument cluster (the one that displays engine water temp) and use the left hand gauge for that instead..not ideal but better than no gauge at all! However my biggest thing is getting the boost to work? Any ideas? obviously if i've got the the oil pressure gauge to work (and wired it through the canbus) then the others have to be canbus fed too? Any help would be massively massively appreciated...and Lenny..the link for the guide you talked about is dead, or at least it is for me anyway..


Any help from you or anyone else who has managed this completely would be forever appreciated..


Thanks guys.