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Iphone Connection Options

08 April 2013 - 09:29 PM

Hi Guys,


Apologise if this should be in the audio forum not the Focus one, feel free to move it.


Joined the Focus club on Saturday with this shiny little number which I drove all the way to Glasgow to collect...



Currently trying to figure out how to sort out my iPhone connectivity, to give a little background in my last car I had an alpine head unit with iPod control that integrated fine with my phone too. I used TomTom on my phone most of the time on long journeys, mainly for the live traffic functionality.


The focus has a head unit that looks just like this, there is an aux in socket in the glovebox but no USB socket anywhere (so I don't think I can do the firmware upgrade). There is a power socket in the centre console but not in the glovebox too. If anyone could tell me what model number this is then that would help with internet searching.



I have ordered a brodit clip for above the head unit over the vent.


I have managed to get bluetooth connectivity working fine for calls but not music, from this thread, it looks like it might not be possible.


I have decided that my best option is probably to run a hidden cable to the glovebox for the aux in and to run a power cable to the centre console for charging, does this sound about right? I'm not going to have control of music tracks, but that will have to be ok.


Has anyone seen an iPhone 5 mount that includes the headphone plug?


Is there anyway I can fit a usb connector to the existing head unit or get the bluetooth music working?


Thanks for your help and expertise in advance!