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09 April 2013 - 10:51 PM

Hi guys


Thanks for your replies!  I don't think I would keep a car if I took it out on Options but I've been changing my cars fairly frequently in the last few years so that  might be a better move than the HP.  However, I'll look into the Ford Acquire financing when I'm in the garage later in the week.  


I'm quite torn as I really like my diesel and would like the 1.6 tdci for extra power but as I've changed job recently I have drastically cut my weekly mileage so much that it is almost not worth noting  -  a 6 mile round trip daily!  Therefore the Ecoboost would be the best choice from what I can see.  However, I do travel to relatives a few times a year doing a round trip of 600 miles each time up and down the A1.  Bottom line is I suspect my usual weekly mileage which is dropping from around 350 to 30 with the odd longer trip with my wife at weekends and on holidays.


I'll let you know how I get on with the test drive!