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#518024 Mondeo Mk4 Titx 2.5 Facelift

Posted by StornowayBlue on Yesterday, 10:11 PM

Its been a busy weekend. Having baulked at Ford's asking price for blackeye headlights for the mondeo mk4, I took the plunge and split my headlights. Having researched the subject pretty thoroughly, I armed myself with the trusty heat gun and a selection of flat screwdrivers. I even went out and bought a dremel in case things got really bad. The process although tedious wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be. There are 2 locating pins on each lens that marry with the housing, this makes the job a whole lot trickier when removing but are priceless when it comes to re-assembly.

The lamp housing has a c-channel around the perimeter, into which the lens is bonded. I worked my way around the perimeter with the heatgun, working about 10cm at a time and lifting the outer edge of the housing up with a screwdriver. I repeated this until I had the outer lip of the channel up and completely clear of the lens. Then I pried the lens from the housing using heat/screwdrivers taking care around the locating pins and eventually got them apart in around 2 hours for each side.




You can see how the channel of the housing below has been lifted up.




Bezels just need a light abrasion, I used a piece of scotch pad. The one in the back of this shot is keyed for paint.




Painted, wait overnight, zzzzzzzzzz.




The painted bezel, screwed back into the lens and dry fitted. While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I cleaned out the old bonding from the housing and cleaned the lens. I chose not to remove the lamps from the housing to avoid any damage and just blew away any debris with a hair-dryer before assembly.




After filling the clean channel with a good bead of sealant I located the pins in their sockets and pressed both halves back together firmly. Now would be a good time to have someone assist you. I decided to bind the unit with twine. Starting with a loop over the upper mounting bracket,, wrap the string around as many times as you can. I was alone for this and it was a bit of a mission but managed to keep everything really tight. The shape of the corners doesn't really allow for string so I used copious amounts of insulating tape. There's also little opportunity for clamps but every little helps. Making a mess of this part will leave you with regrets. Vacuum bag would be ideal for this.




Close-up of the join. Tabs relocated and the edge held back down in place with string until cured. 




Patience is a virtue..




Mondeo XR5 OSF Blackeye Headlight - Done








Hope this was useful/interesting. It's a bit of hassle but I think its worth it. The car now goes into the bodyshop on Wed for the 4.5 frontend.


Having become a little more familiar with the site, it looks like I might have started this in the wrong forum. If admin would like to move it to the appropriate section, that'd be great.

#250951 Car Overheating. In Need Of Advise

Posted by StornowayBlue on 10 April 2013 - 07:56 PM

An intermittent cooling fault could be attributed to a sticky thermostat. Don't roast the motor for the sake of a cheap part. Pay attention next time it overheats to the heaters, ie are they warm or cold. Check also the hose going from Rad to block. If this is cold could imply stat is stuck. Head Gasket wont like too many overheats.