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New Fiesta Spare Wheel Tub Flooding?

13 July 2013 - 10:01 AM

Hi, while looking out my wheel nut socket this week, I discovered a considerable volume of water in the tub for the spare wheel. Obviously I dont have a spare wheel and the compressor and equipment is all wet. Very disappointing for a vehicle 4 months old. Has anyone else had issues with water getting into the boot area?

Mk 7 Tyre Wear, Replaced At 7K

13 July 2013 - 09:56 AM

I had a brief search on the forum and couldn't find a thread specific to tyre wear. I appreciate its early still for racking up considerable mileage but I had to replace my front tyres this week having travelled just over 7K. Has anyone else had to get new tyres and if so, at what mileage?

2013 Sportvan, Rear Seats?

09 April 2013 - 06:55 PM

Hi Folks, New member to the forum.Hoping someone can help tell me if rear seats from a 10-Plate would fit into the back of my Van. I removed the grate, bulkhead and sub-floor to have a look underneath. It looks like there are fixing points on the chassis and behind the plastic trim. I'm guessing that everything would just bolt in there?