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29 September 2015 - 07:33 PM

What's going on with Imageshack, it appears to be down?

Mk4 Drl Connector Plug

01 September 2015 - 08:58 PM

Does anyone know what its called or where I can put my hand on a pair?


I have a pair of lamps to retro fit but they arrived with no plugs. Looked at loads of variations on eBay but cant say for sure if they are h13, there appear to be a few different options. Then finding a seller in the UK is another mission.


This is the socket under the DRL, it measures 17mm x 10mm internally and retaining clip is single type on the wide side.






I'm hoping someone can give me the proper name for these or point me in the right direction of a UK based seller.

Mondeo Mk4 Titx 2.5 Facelift

22 August 2015 - 02:38 PM

OK, I have a mk 4 Mondeo and have ordered some parts to upgrade to the facelift front-end. One concern I have at this stage is wiring the DRL's. I ordered them on eBay, they don't appear to come with wiring so I'm wondering if someone can help with this directly or lead me to a link where this has been previously discussed..


I have had this car for ages and have never really liked the front-end. I've ordered a facelift bumper, new headlights, fog-lights, drl's, smoked repeaters and titxs grilles. The bumper will need work and sprayed before fitting but its the wiring of the drl's that I'm going to struggle with. I'm also looking out for a 4.5 bonnet that's not got damage if anyone knows of one. Panther black a bonus but respray is an option.


edit - headlights which appear to be smoked on ECP website turned out to be same as my original xenons. Returned them then discovered the black bezel lights are a special edition release only available for £493 each from Ford :'(