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In Topic: Mk7.5 125 Ecoboost, Which Remap?

Today, 07:52 AM

Lol fit larger intercooler gain 20hp..

OK yes you can a more aggressive map to gain hp as larger intercooler reduces charge temps, but the intercooler doesn't add itself, k just allows you to use more hp for longer..

The Airtech unit for the St is good at cooling but does introduce lag and reduce the torque at low revs.. Check there own data.

Just something to think about, depends on what you want. I got the smaller Mountune unit for my St as I wanted my torque as I drive mainly in town and lanes, and not race tracks.

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Yesterday, 12:38 PM

They do apparently, but the replacement clips are much easier to use.

In Topic: Road To Mountune

02 October 2015 - 08:41 PM

Sitting in traffic the engine and other parts will heat up but will cool quickly once on the move.
some ST have had 350 on standard internals, but would be on a larger turbo for that.
Mountune ST Intercooler is used on a rally car in a production class in the U.S. with a lot of success, that Intercooler is not use don a rally cross fiesta which have over 600bhp and need a large cooler, the WRC cars use a larger cooler but not that much larger than standard.

Actually you Maybe right, it was an American site comparing intercoolers where a Mountune rep was talking, there was ref to to rally and motorcross with and there intercoolers being used. Either one, if it's good enough to race it's good enough on my road car :-)

(There unit is a little bigger then standard, 38% larger. Volume to be exact)

In Topic: Road To Mountune

02 October 2015 - 07:57 PM

Standard turbo won't do much more than 240, claimed 280 would have been on a hybrid.
Heat becomes an issue on all dyne runs as the fans used won't produce the same air speed and volume as if the car was on the road.

Cant tell you no more then the car was standard internals but running 281bhp. The rest of spec wouldn't be told. But the temps where high. But yeah from a number of sources 240-250 seems to be limit without turbo upgrades.

Dyno's only tell part of the truth, and yes the funds don't supply enough cool air, but neither does sitting in traffic.. But comparing 3 runs of the same car on the same day on the same rollers does give a pretty good indication.

The other thing to note to, most of mountunes experience comes actually racing some of these parts, like the intercooler for example.. Good enough for world rallycross, good enough for me lol

In Topic: Road To Mountune

02 October 2015 - 06:17 PM

It's so easy to make big numbers on turbo cars, but it's whole different kettle of fish to keep it reliable, and use able. Tbh I wouldn't like like to have full power in second, way to easy to spin up, and torque steer is quite a large issue now.

I'l admit part of reason for Mountune was the warrantee, secondly having spoke directly to them prentending not to know anything to see there response it was clear to see they don't do bull !Removed! claims.

Thing to remember, everything in tuning an engine is a comprise! For me my car is primarily a road car, which for me means I'd rather have a bit of drivability over max hp.

Drag racing, you could get away with an intercooler the size of engine rad, and run a massively aggressive map, and squeeze maybe 20hp, but around town you'd quickly get a rather hot engine.

If I was mainly do track days, I'd properly of gone for forge or airtech intercooler, and possibly a open cone filter. Due to more air flow, less build up of hot air under bonnet. Plus the increase in turbo lag wouldn't be as much of an issue on track as in town

I'd be very interested to see a dyno day with something like mine 'compete' if you like against some of the other manufacturers. Read about a dyno session recently that 4 fiestas 2 Mountune mp215's one with a miltek catback exhaust (other standard) one superchipped with a cone (can't remember which) and Grayham Goode chipped and cone with induction hose. All the graphs looked pretty much the same to within 2hp. All the cones suffered more from heat soak on the 3rd run. But the Grayham Goode won on out right hp

There was a 5th with a lot done chipped exhaust etc, with an airtech intercooler, guy said it would push 280hp, put out 245hp, but suffered pretty much no heat soak! Very impressive, but ... Always a but.. It lost out in torque up to 2-2.500rpms. Issue for not hitting that power claim can be accounted for the amount of power the cat back exhaust claimed to produce.. But at 250hp you on the limit reliably for the turbo anyway, simply can't supply the boost. seen readings of 280ish for out right power but silly high temps.. Anything more needs turbo upgrade.

Remember to try and get a before and after dyno graph for any claimed results from the same roller from the same car on the same day.. All dynos read slightly differently. Proof in the superchips dyno graph to Mountunes mp215 graph. Both show same increase in power, just different headline figures!