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#529436 Mk7.5 125 Ecoboost, Which Remap?

Posted by Russdaz on 06 October 2015 - 03:11 PM

If Colins say intercooler and chip, means there both needed. Colins are very good at what they do..

But ask them about the torque characteristics of the package. Not one or the other.

In real life quicker turbo spool, more torque at lower revs can be more useful. Always a trade some where.

For the record even the Mountune unit does add a touch of turbo lag on the St, but is easy to drive around, as it's only noticeable in traffic. If I was planning lots of track days I'd got the Airtech unit..

Personally I found Mountunes upgrades to be a nice trade off from drivability and out right power on the rollers.

#529346 Mk7.5 125 Ecoboost, Which Remap?

Posted by Russdaz on 06 October 2015 - 07:52 AM

Lol fit larger intercooler gain 20hp..

OK yes you can a more aggressive map to gain hp as larger intercooler reduces charge temps, but the intercooler doesn't add itself, k just allows you to use more hp for longer..

The Airtech unit for the St is good at cooling but does introduce lag and reduce the torque at low revs.. Check there own data.

Just something to think about, depends on what you want. I got the smaller Mountune unit for my St as I wanted my torque as I drive mainly in town and lanes, and not race tracks.

#528437 Road To Mountune

Posted by Russdaz on 02 October 2015 - 06:17 PM

It's so easy to make big numbers on turbo cars, but it's whole different kettle of fish to keep it reliable, and use able. Tbh I wouldn't like like to have full power in second, way to easy to spin up, and torque steer is quite a large issue now.

I'l admit part of reason for Mountune was the warrantee, secondly having spoke directly to them prentending not to know anything to see there response it was clear to see they don't do bull !Removed! claims.

Thing to remember, everything in tuning an engine is a comprise! For me my car is primarily a road car, which for me means I'd rather have a bit of drivability over max hp.

Drag racing, you could get away with an intercooler the size of engine rad, and run a massively aggressive map, and squeeze maybe 20hp, but around town you'd quickly get a rather hot engine.

If I was mainly do track days, I'd properly of gone for forge or airtech intercooler, and possibly a open cone filter. Due to more air flow, less build up of hot air under bonnet. Plus the increase in turbo lag wouldn't be as much of an issue on track as in town

I'd be very interested to see a dyno day with something like mine 'compete' if you like against some of the other manufacturers. Read about a dyno session recently that 4 fiestas 2 Mountune mp215's one with a miltek catback exhaust (other standard) one superchipped with a cone (can't remember which) and Grayham Goode chipped and cone with induction hose. All the graphs looked pretty much the same to within 2hp. All the cones suffered more from heat soak on the 3rd run. But the Grayham Goode won on out right hp

There was a 5th with a lot done chipped exhaust etc, with an airtech intercooler, guy said it would push 280hp, put out 245hp, but suffered pretty much no heat soak! Very impressive, but ... Always a but.. It lost out in torque up to 2-2.500rpms. Issue for not hitting that power claim can be accounted for the amount of power the cat back exhaust claimed to produce.. But at 250hp you on the limit reliably for the turbo anyway, simply can't supply the boost. seen readings of 280ish for out right power but silly high temps.. Anything more needs turbo upgrade.

Remember to try and get a before and after dyno graph for any claimed results from the same roller from the same car on the same day.. All dynos read slightly differently. Proof in the superchips dyno graph to Mountunes mp215 graph. Both show same increase in power, just different headline figures!

#528308 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 02 October 2015 - 08:02 AM

True they are much bigger, but really check the bore coming out of the box compared to standard, that's easily twice that of the stock version

#528304 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 02 October 2015 - 07:45 AM

Should also point out not only does it sound amazing, it looks very well made, nice looking welds, and compliments the rear of the car nicely too, with the pipes sticking slightly out from the bumper. Been well worth the wait!

#528230 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 01 October 2015 - 07:55 PM

Isn't it just! Gets a little deeper o boost too, but no louder, which is the part I can't get my head around! It just changes its tone, which means you get no drone! Best exhaust I have ever had!

#528224 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 01 October 2015 - 07:40 PM

Haha just updated that post above Phil with a second one purely for start up and idle!

Yeah intercooler, boost pipes, and mp215.

#528215 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 01 October 2015 - 07:22 PM

Ok I placed the video recorder 3mtrs away from the exhaust so you can't really hear the idle properly, a much deeper sound then the recorder shows, but there's clips that show that nicely. Of load revs. Had to turn my iPad to full volume, in the flesh it's actually louder by half again. The amazing thing with this exhaust the harder she revs the quieter she gets! The idle note seems to clip the recorder, making a rasp that isn't present in real life.


Better idle version, max of 1500rpm blip of throttle.

#528061 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 01 October 2015 - 10:58 AM

Haha I went through the town centre and even trying to drive it 'quietly' even just bearly touching the throttle heads would turn. Easily heard over the buses and trucks.

Idle videos really don't do turbo'd car exhausts any favours at all, as you don't much boost off load being pumped though the exhaust.

I really can't fault the team at Mountune HQ either, no false promises like you get with some tuners, friendly and polite. Everything they make and claim can be backed up too, and prices that will compete if not match or beat main dealers, if not your back lane farm type mechanic..

#528048 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 01 October 2015 - 10:32 AM

Yeah up at HQ, amazingly quiet on the motorway can only be heard above motorway Road noise under acceleration. But much louder on idle then I was expecting from videos, with a nice deap lumpy sounding idle (revs completely stay able as should be) With the windows up the in car sounds are louder but more of being able to hear exhaust noise to the level of the symposer more then anything.. Windows down you notice the car with everything on becomes a bit of beast, much louder then I expected turbo, and boost and exhaust all much louder.. I like so far :-)

#528012 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 01 October 2015 - 08:54 AM

Oh just had mine done, first impression, very nice.

#527963 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 01 October 2015 - 05:11 AM

Yeah the turbo wouldn't make more noise as such, just some exhausts you can actually hear it humming at idle.. My mondeo tdci had a nice hum on idle, and you could hear it whistle through the exhaust at low revs. But was dead quiet, no louder then standard.

These low inertia turbos will never be particularly loud, as the main point of the silencer will come from the turbo itself, hence the noise reduction if f1 engines.

#527892 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 30 September 2015 - 07:58 PM

Interesting video, doesn't sound particularly loud to me on that. But seems to have a nice crackily kinda sound coming of compression. Can you hear the turbo hum coming through the exhaust?

Mountunes exhaust won't effect warrentee, others could. But unlike engine maps that will blow your whole engine warrentee, technicallyan aftermarket exhaust would only effect the warrentee of ford's exhaust.. Unless they can prove the aftermarket part effected the engine, but that could mean going g to court to prove it hadn't if ford said it did..

Mountunes Cat will void the warrentee, as the standard map can't correctly fuel for the reduced back pressure, so requires a more aggressive map, i.e the mr230 or equivalent, by by warrentee.

The cat and mr230 map is the only things left for me after tomorrow.

Got to admit a 4x4 fiesta rs sounds fun!

The Capri was a concept prototype last year, pretty strong links for it to be made.

#527820 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 30 September 2015 - 03:48 PM

The cat back won't help free any pony's up, so no point doing anything more then the mp215 map or superchip if your not worried about warrentee.. I will get the sports cat and mr230 when warrentee runs out on mine if I keep it... Superchip claim a higher end bhp, bit looking closely at the comparison graphs before and after graph there's nothing in it, as there Base car had more power, so properly just the fact the complanys used different dynos

#527717 Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

Posted by Russdaz on 30 September 2015 - 09:34 AM

Yeah I was I told it was only a slight change, but a different supplier as no-one in the uk or Europe could make the resonator. Not many manufacturers use that type of resonator. There's no conventional muffler, so shouldn't get a buzz or raspy sound from it.

What's it like windows down?